• “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” ~Albert Einstein

    SRMHS students are challenged to attain high achievement in each course in the math curriculum, from Math I to the Honors course of study. AP courses are offered in Calculus and Statistics. Students can also pursue university level courses through dual enrollment. Through its affiliation with the Engineering Academy, the department can accompany the variety of studies it offers with real-world applications.

    Faculty Distinctions:

    • 3 National Board Certified
    • 4 AP Trained
    • 1 Advanced Degree 
    • 9 Trained New Tech Teachers

Mathematics Department Directory

Name Position Email Website
Harp, Alexander Teacher
Hopper, Alexis Teacher
Jones, Dana Teacher
Lawrence, Celina Teacher
McDuffie, Michelle Teacher
Miller, Jessica Teacher
Mills, Calvin Teacher
Mohamed, Medhat Teacher
Mothorpe, Katlyn Teacher
Pace, Michelle Teacher
Strachan, Sharon Teacher
Weikart, Alex Teacher
Willis, Jeremy Teacher