• Frequently Asked Questions about New Tech at SRMHS:

    Q1:  Who can join New Tech?

    • Any student attending SRMHS may apply to join the New Tech program.

    Q2:  I want to be in an Academy (Engineering, Biomed, IT).  Do I have to also be in New Tech?

    • In almost every career field, employees are expected to be proficient speakers, to be competent with technology, and to be able to work with others.  The New Tech program will help to enhance all of those skills (and more)!  Due to the nature of our Academy coursework, and the industries they represent, students in our specialty Academies are required to also be enrolled in New Tech.  Students who are concerned by this requirement need to speak with the Academy Director, Mr. John Geraghty (Engineering) or Mrs. Monnie Sutton (Biotech and IT), for further information.

    Q3:  I am already in New Tech.  Do I have to apply again for next school year?

    • No.  If you have applied previously, and have been accepted into the program, then you do NOT need to reapply to continue.
    • Yes.  If you have been placed into a New Tech class without an application (see the next question) and wish to continue in the program, then you will need to turn in an application.

    Q4:  I did not sign up for New Tech.  Why am I in it?

    • Are you in one of our specialty Academies (Engineering, Biotech R&D, or IT)?  If so, see Q2 above!
    • Very rarely, a student at SRMHS will be placed in a New Tech course without being enrolled in the program.  We try very hard not to do this, but it may occasionally happen.  Usually, this means that you needed a class and the only possible way to fit the class into your schedule was to put you in a New Tech section.  If you feel you have been placed in a New Tech class in error, and that you are not going to be successful as a result, speak with your counselor or administrator IMMEDIATELY!

    Q5:  Why do we use Linux computers?  (The 2500 hallway has Linux Thin-Clients as opposed to individual Windows PC's.  Why?)

    • Cost - the individual thin-clients are less expensive and last longer than typical computers
    • Expansion potential - updates can be installed to the server and are automatically distributed to every user who logs in to a thin-client.  There is no need to upgrade hardware or install software on a computer-by-computer basis.  Storage space, apps, resources, etc. can all be handled via the servers.
    • Lifespan - thin-clients last 8-10 years as opposed to approximately 3 years for a traditional computer.
    • Maintenance - everything runs off of centralized servers, so there are no individual hard drives on the thin-clients.  This means that there are less things that can break!  We control the software and network for these in-house, so issues can be resolved very quickly.
    • Adaptability - we are a MAGNET SCHOOL for Technology!  Think about how much computers have changed in the past 30 years.  Who knows what operating systems or technological resources you will have to use in 5 years...10 years...30 years!  We expose students to as many operating systems and computing resources as possible, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, so that you can learn to adapt to whatever computing environment you may encounter in college and your career.
    • Environmental consciousness - thin-clients output less heat and consume less power since they are running from a server instead of an individual hard drive.

    Q6:  Do I have to still take tests?  I thought New Tech was Project-Based!

    • Yes, all students do still take tests.  You are still responsible for learning the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for all subjects, and you still have to take any required NC Final Exams or EOC's.  
    • Your grade is not based solely upon test scores.  You will have tests, quizzes, classwork, homework, workshops, labs, problem sets, research questions, projects, presentations, discussions, journals, models, drawings, websites, games, ...  Your grade will be based off of MANY things!  

    Q7:  I have been asked to appear before the New Tech Advisory Board.  What is that?  Why?

    • Being a member of New Tech is a big responsibility and is a privilege.  While we understand that students are young and are still learning, we do expect that students uphold the tenets laid out by the P.R.I.D.E. acronym and that students work productively and cooperatively.
    • If a New Tech teacher feels that a student is not behaving in line with the New Tech requirements, the student may be asked to appear before the New Tech Advisory Board.  This is a panel of adults (principals and teachers) who will determine if it is best for you to continue in the New Tech program.  
    • Behaviors that may result in appearing before the New Tech Advisory Board include, but are not limited to:
                 frequently misbehaving in class and/or losing P.R.I.D.E. card privileges
                 abusing/misusing technology
                 failing to complete or submit projects
                 failing to cooperate with group members or to contribute equitably to group projects

    Q8:  I was in New Tech as a Freshman and Sophomore, but now I am in all A.P. courses.  Am I not in New Tech anymore?

    • If you applied to join New Tech, and you never asked or were asked to be removed from the program, then YES.  You absolutely still are in New Tech!  We are working to add more courses to our New Tech offerings each year.  Please make sure you check Echo and/or your school email for New Tech updates, and consider joining the New Tech Council to stay involved.

    Q9:  What is the New Tech Council?

    • New Tech Council is a student organization similar to Student Government (S.G.A.).  The Council helps to plan events for New Tech students, works heavily with Magnet recruitment for new students, and meets with teachers and administrators to help improve the program.  The Council members serve as a voice for the New Tech student body.  
    • Any New Tech student may be on the New Tech Council.  There is a group in Echo that you may join to get updates, and meetings are held every other Wednesday in Ms. Miller's room (2506).  

    Q10:  My question isn't here!  What should I do?

        Email us your question!  newtech@srhs.net