• Echo:

    Students and teachers collaborate across the New Tech Network through a web-based program called Echo.  Echo is also the tool used to display student grades.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to use this site as well, as we appreciate the integral role that family plays in student P.R.I.D.E. development.
    Students and Parents:  access Echo at http://srhs.echo-ntn.org/.  
    Parents:  Request a parent account in Echo by filling out this linked form.  This account will link to your student's account allowing you to see their projects, assignment, and grades.


    In addition to the Content Knowledge that is addressed by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, New Tech students are also graded based upon the skills that they develop and showcase in their courses.  Rubrics are traditionally used in New Tech courses to assess student work in the following areas. 
    Learning Outcome
    % of Grade
    Knowledge and Thinking 50%This grade reflects a student's mastery of the course material according to the NC Standard Course of Study in addition to critical thinking skills; this grade should be representative of a student's overall ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply ideas and concepts.
    Oral Communication 10%This grade reflects a student's ability to accurate express ideas using appropriately designed digital presentations; students should be able to effectively communicate and converse about a given topic in their course of study using standards of the English language.
    Written Communication 10%This grade reflects a student's ability to accurately express ideas in writing using standards of the English language; students should be able to articulte thoughts in a variety of writing styles to explain and elaborate on their course content.
    Collaboration 10%This grade reflects a student's ability and willingness to cooperate with classmates; to help, listen, and contribute to group interactions; and to play an active role in getting group tasks organized and completed.
    Agency10%This grade reflects a student taking ownership of his/her own learning, approaching tasks with a growth mindset, meeting benchmarks and deadlines, and persevering through challenges; students should be agents of their own learning.