About the Schoolwires Project

  • What is Schoolwires?
    Schoolwires is a content management system that will allow your school to create a robust website that not only represents your school community professionally, but also provides numerous tools to help maximize your web presence. Schoolwires allows you to easily manage staff directories, create blogs and efficiently maintain departmental calendars.

    Why is WCPSS moving to Schoolwires?
    WCPSS schools currently use several different web platforms, ranging from Weebly to hand-coded websites. These inconsistencies presents certain challenges. For example, if your school might have a well-designed, hand-coded website, but if your webmaster leaves for another job, your remaining staff might not be trained to update it. Or, if a web agency donated their time to build your school's website, they may not be updating the software regularly, causing your website to get hacked. Having all schools on the same platform will solve this problem.

    Will my school be able to create a customized site or will we use a template?
    We have created one flexible template that departments can use as a starting point. The template offers a great deal of flexibility, and schools will be able to have a certain level of customization for their sites.

    I don’t have experience as a web designer/developer. Will I be able to update content in Schoolwires?
    Schoolwires is a very user-friendly system that makes it easy to post content and maintain your site. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will easily be able to learn how to use Schoolwires.

    Can my students or parents create webpages or websites with Schoolwires?
    At this time, no.

    What is the timeline for completing a school site on Schoolwires?
    Schools will have a couple of months to complete their Schoolwires sites after attending the initial training.

    Will there be an approval process before my site goes live?
    Your principal will need to approve the site. The WCPSS web team also will review your site before launch. We will look for issues such as blank pages, clearly labeled navigation and other technical errors. We will also look to your site organization to make sure that it matches the designated site maps.

    What work has already taken place to prepare for Schoolwires?
    A team of central service and building-level staff met earlier this year to look at vendors, and ultimately select Schoolwires. We started with making over wcpss.net (launched in December 2014) and 20 pilot school websites (launched in January 2015).