Did you know that your child may be a victim of summer reading loss? Children can lose up to 3 months' worth of reading progress over one summer.  Summer reading loss can be defeated through time spent reading with your child, providing a variety of reading material, using various Internet resources, and encouraging them to just read for fun and the pleasure of learning!

    COUGAR SUMMER READING CHALLENGE! – Carroll Middle School values the progress your child has made in their reading growth over this last year and we challenge EVERY student to continue to read over the Summer.  The COUGAR challenge is for every student (including Rising 6th Graders) to read more than 5 books this summer and complete a book response for each book. Turn in book responses to your language arts teacher.

    Please click on one of the following links for the brochure "Cougar Summer Reading Challenge: Closing the Summer Reading Gap," recommended reading lists, and book response form. 

    6th book response (pdf file - 259 KB) 
    6th rdg list (pdf file - 360 KB) 
    7th book response (pdf file - 256 KB) 
    7th rdg list (pdf file - 362 KB) 
    8th book response (pdf file - 257 KB) 
    8th rdg list (pdf file - 363 KB)

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    You ask your child to read over the summer . . . have them practice math skills too! 
    Can you imagine how far behind their peers your child would be if they stopped attending math class at the end of March?  If a student doesn't practice his or her math skills during the summer, it has the same effect on math achievement.  Researchers have found that the lack of math skill practice over the long summer months results in an average loss of 2.6 months of study when measured from year to year.

    At Carroll Middle, teachers have noticed the effects of long summer breaks: for many sixth grade students, their multiplication fact fluency is lower in August than in the previous June, and the average score on beginning of year benchmark tests are also lower than the same test given at the end of fifth grade. 

    The teachers at Carroll challenge students to continue to practice math skills over the summer, and will recognize every student who demonstrates that they have participated in math-related activities over the summer!

    Attached you will find information for each of the "rising" grade levels, please click on the appropriate link and print the appropriate materials.  We have included an information section for parents too!  All completed Summer Math Journals should be turned into your child's math teacher during the first week of school in August. 

    Parent Information - Rising 6 Grade Summer Math (pdf file - 584 KB) 
    Parent Information - Rising 7 Grade Summer Math (pdf file - 684 KB) 
    Parent Information - Rising 8 Grade Summer Math (pdf file - 495 KB) 
    Rising 6th Math Summer Packet (pdf file - 3.11 MB) 
    Rising 7th Math Summer Packet (pdf file - 4.02 MB) 
    Rising 8th Math Summer Packet (pdf file - 2.46 MB)

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