All students will be enrolled in Language Arts, Math, Science, Humanities, and Healthful Living. Teachers have recommended Language Arts and Math levels on the front side of your registration sheet. If parents or students have questions, please contact the appropriate teacher. These recommendations are pending the outcome of EOG’s and final grades.
    Electives are selected by students and approved by parents following the directions on the registration sheet.
    Follow directions on selection of arts electives. Select four choices with #1 being of greatest interest. Be sure that you follow procedures for auditions of upper level courses.
    Language B selection is based on teacher recommendation. Your counselor has a list of recommendations for students who have completed first semester courses. Students presently in second semester Language B courses should check with their teacher for a recommendation.
    All students should select at least two courses under Career and Technical. These courses can provide the technology requirement of our IB program.
    All students must number the IB Core Electives based on interest with #1 being the course of study you are most interested in.

    Please remember that East Millbrook does its best to provide a balanced schedule, but not every student is able to get all of their first choice electives.