• BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)     Boys with iPads
    Why BYOD?
    The Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary (BYOD) initiative allows students to bring and use their own personal electronic devices at school. BYOD is not about the devices themselves; it is about creating constructive change in teaching practices and empowering the students to make decisions regarding how they will learn in class. Students become information producers rather than information consumers. 
    The BYOD initiative is designed to help students keep up with the demands of the 21st Century. Helping students become responsible digital citizens will enhance not only what we do in the classroom, but also give students skills and experiences that will prepare them for college and career. 
    Classroom Procedures
    Access for all is one of the major concerns about BYOD. Students will not be required to bring an electronic device. If an activity is planned that requires participation from all students, an effort to provide students with a compatible district resource will be made for those who do not bring an electronic device. 
    Staff Development
    Student training and staff development will be provided each school year. Hunter will ensure that all teachers receive ongoing, in depth staff development for the BYOD program. Training will include a thorough explanation of the BYOD program and strategies for successful implementation. 


    BYOD Parent Student Agreement

    BYOD Family Presentation