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    Edmodo is an extremely useful tool to help you and your student keep track of upcoming assignments and due dates. It is also an excellent platform for engaging students in online collaboration and discussion. Students will receive all of the Edmodo training and support they need at school, but below are a few resources for parents.
     If you already have a parent account, follow this link to log-in.
    This article, created by Edmodo, will explain everything you need to create and get comfortable with a parent account. Or you can watch this set-up video made by a teacher from another school. 
    This Edmodo support website has everything you need to answer your questions about parent accounts.
    This page has parent Frequently Asked Questions and answers. 

    Edmodo Parent Best Practices  (Make sure to click the drop down arrow to see content)  
    This page explains best practices, from the Edmodo developers themselves, for using Edmodo as a parent.