Pre-Kindergarten Team

  • Ms. Meyer & Ms. Jones
    _______ & Ms. Alfaro
    Pre- K                                                                             
  • Here is some brief information regarding our fabulous pre-k program! Please let us know if you need more. 
    Our Mission: The ultimate goal of the Title 1 Pre-Kindergarten Program is to aid students in acquiring habit, attitudes, knowledge, and skill necessary to function as successful members of the school community.
    Program Description: The title 1 Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to provide a child centered, developmentally appropriate experience for four-year-old children in need of academic support.  Our program stresses an environment that motivates learning through exploration and discovery.  By attending our program, children will enter Kindergarten ready to learn and  succeed. 
    We provide:
    • Supplemental,enriching, and rewarding experiences for young children
    • Home visits, parent-teacher conferences, monthly parent workshops  and two assessments.
    • Collaboration with the more at Four Program, the Wake County  Preschool Special Education Services Program, Project Enlightenment, and Vance Elementary