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    All students, whether college-bound or workforce-bound, are more likely to succeed academically if they see a direct correlation between their course work and their future beyond school.  Providing this correlation is one of the most important responsibilities of a Career Development Coordinator.

    Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is designed to assist students in making knowledgeable career choices that will prepare them to be globally competitive in the workforce, prepare students for employment opportunities, advanced education and productive lives.

    CTE promotes best practices that enhance teachers' efforts to improve student achievement and encourage responsible career choices. We want to meet students' needs, cultivate their abilities and help them realize their aspirations. Your Career Development Coordinator can help you develop the skills you need to become career, college and citizenship ready.

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Millard Davis

  • Career Development Coordinator

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    Millard Davis

    Hi, I'm Mr. Davis and I am excited about being the Career Development Coordinator for Holly Ridge Middle School. Middle school students are offered exploratory courses in business and information technologies, life skills, technology systems and career decisions. I believe great things happen when students can make school-to-work connections.

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