• Welcome to Sycamore Creek! We are looking forward to having your join our family!



    Please determine how your child will be going home on a regular basis and inform us of your decision. It is important to be consistent.

    Transportation to/from Sycamore Creek

    There are several ways students can get to/from school which consist of carpool, WCPSS school bus, daycare, before/ after care through Raleigh Parks & Rec, or county provided special transportation.

    Before/After Care—Raleigh Parks and Recreation: The Raleigh Parks and Rec program is housed at Sycamore Creek and their hours of operation are 7:00-8:00 AM and 3:00-6:30 PM. For more information, visit City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation website or call 919-996-6165.


    Carpool tag numbers are given at the beginning of the school year. These tags need to be hung from the rearview mirror. If you have lost or broken your carpool tag, please notify the office for a free duplicate. No homemade tags are permitted. Students will get in on the passenger side only. School aged children should be able to safely open car doors and buckle their seatbelts without the assistance of an adult. Parents are to remain in their cars at all times to ensure safety and efficiency of the carpool procedure. Please refrain from parking and walking up to the school to pick up your child during carpool. Entering the bus loop for drop off or pick up is not allowed.


    Parents must sign a walker permission form annually for their child to walk to or from school. Students must live within walking distance of the school and actually walk home to be a SCES walker. Kindergarten students will not be permitted to leave campus without being signed out from a parent/guardian listed from the permission form. Walkers must use the crosswalk by the cafeteria. Students cannot enter the building until 8:00 am. Students are NOT PERMITTED to be dropped off on Leesville Road. Parents may not drop off or pick up walkers in vehicles. If you are going to drop off or pick up your child in a vehicle you MUST use the carpool line.

    WCPSS School Bus

    The Wake County Public School System provides safe and reliable bus transportation to all students who live 1.5 miles or more from their assigned school. Parents need to register for their child to ride the bus at the beginning of the school year. This registration can be found on the WCPSS website under Transportation. Students are required to have ridership and a bus tag prior to riding the school bus. This service is a privilege, which may be revoked if children exhibit poor behavior or violate safety rules. Violation of safety rules may result in bus suspension for either short term or the remainder of the school year. Parents are advised to track the bus using the Here Comes the Bus app. The app allows for tracking to see where the bus is and how close it is to your stop. To sign-up for the app, parents will need the student’s ID number and the WCPSS school code (67500). We will also post daily departure times on our Twitter feed (@SycamoreCreekES) and the school website.

    Change in Transportation

    Parents should call the front office to notify a change in transportation or contact the classroom teacher in the morning. We request transportation changes be made before 2:00 pm.

    Bell Schedule

    8:00 AM— First Bell rings which means admittance to building. Students can
    go to classroom or to the cafeteria for breakfast.
    8:30 AM—Tardy Bell rings which means it is the start of our instructional day.
    Any student who enters the building after the tardy bell requires a parent sign
    -in and tardy slip prior to admittance to class.
    3:00 PM—End of Instructional Day when all students are dismissed.

    Absence Notes

    As of 5/24/2021, we are still operating under the health and safety guidelines for illness. This means if a student does not attend school or goes home with any symptom of illness, the child cannot return to school without a doctor’s note of an alternative diagnosis or a negative PCR COVID test. Other absences not documented within two days will be classified as unexcused, as mandated by WCPSS Board Policy 4400 absence notes should include the following:
    • Student’s name (first and last)
    • Date of Absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Parent signature
    • Phone number of parent
    An automated phone call from Sycamore Creek will call parents at the conclusion of the school day to inform the parent of the absence.

    Checking In

    Parents need to check in students at the front door. Please ring the doorbell and the receptionist will check-in the student.

    Checking Out

    Parents can check out a student up until 2:30pm. No check outs will be permitted after 2:30pm. According to WCPSS policy 4400, students need to be in school for at least half of the school day in order to be counted as present. Therefore, the half day for Sycamore Creek Elementary is 11:45 AM.

    Outdoor Recess

    The students will be going out for recess for 30 minutes daily unless it is raining or extremely hot/cold. We are fortunate to have a variety of playground equipment, including several pieces for climbing. Please keep this in mind when selecting shoes for the day. Cowboy boots, rain boots, flip flops and dress shoes are less than ideal if your child chooses to play on this equipment.
    Special Classes

    SCES students will have the opportunity to participate in a rotating specials class every day for 45 minutes. The specials include: Art, Music, PE, Media, Technology, and Social Emotional Learning. For students to participate safely in PE, they are required to wear tennis shoes.


    At this time, visitors are not allowed within the school building for the health and safety of our school community. However, if changes are made to health and safety guidelines, we will inform parents through School Messenger. Once restrictions are lifted, visitors will need to bring in a photo ID and need to be checked in by the office staff prior to being admitted to their location. All visitors should wear a visitor sticker while on campus.


    Once health and safety guidelines have changed to accommodate for schools to allow visitors and volunteers, parents who wish to volunteer (including field trips) will be required to register on the WCPSS Volunteer Management System. This registration needs to be completed at the beginning of every school year. The approval process can take up to a month. Parents can call the front office to check on approval status. For a parent to be a chaperone on a Field Trip, they need to be approved through WCPSS as a volunteer.


    Sycamore Creek’s PTA is very active and provides support to our entire school community. We invite you to join our PTA. Please contact out PTA officers for more information, which can be found on their webpage, http://scespta.com/home.

    Student Health Assessment Form

    All kindergarten students and any new student to WCPSS need to have a Health Assessment Form completed by a physician and on file at their assigned school. Parents need to bring the completed form to the main office within the first 30 days of school. The Health Assessment Form can be found on the WCPSS website under the Parents tab, under Student Health of Health Requirements, or the main office can provide you a copy.

    Medical Plans/Medications

    All medications (including over the counter) that need to be administered at school must have written authorization from the physician. The parent and physician must also complete a 1702 form (Parent Request and Physicians’ Order Form for Medication – Can be found on our school website under the Parents tab for Kindergarten). No medication will be administered unless it is in a container dispensed by a pharmacy with the student’s name, name of medication, and directions for taking the medication are clearly marked. Make sure medications have not expired. No medication will be stored or administered in the classroom (except for EpiPens in the upper grades). At the elementary level in Wake County, students are not permitted to “self- medicate.” It is recommended all doses of medication be given at home. Over the counter medications will not be administered unless accompanied by authorization from the physician and on the WCPSS 1702 form. This includes aspirin, pain medicine, cough syrup, cough drops, lotion, sunscreen and skin ointments. Parents who wish to administer medication to their child during the school day may do so by coming to the front office. Contact the School Nurse with any further questions.
    Please note, students can bring and administer their own personal hand sanitizer.

    New Health Guidelines

    Upon entering the school building, all students and staff are required to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose. Masks are not required when outside. We encourage all parents to pack a water bottle for use throughout the day. The health and safety of our students is always our top priority. We will continue to adhere to any health measures required by the NC Department of Health and Human Services and consult with Wake County Public Health to determine what precautions are needed in our schools to keep our students, staff, and community healthy and safe. There is no way for us to know at this time what their guidance will be or what health precautions will be required in July and August.


    For the 2021-2022 school year, all breakfasts and lunches will be free. At this time, no snacks will be available for purchase.


    Please send a healthy snack every day in a labeled bag. A label will assist us and your child in distinguishing the snack from lunch items. Please do not send candy, gum, soft drinks, or glass bottles. Our snack time is limited so please send only one snack (two if small). If the snack requires a spoon/fork, send that as well!

    Birthday Celebrations

    Birthday snacks or gift bags will be given in the student’s classroom, not in the cafeteria. We ask the parent to arrange a time with the classroom teacher ahead of time. Due to the number of food allergies, parents need to contact the teacher for a list of approved items. All food items must be store bought and individually packaged. No balloons, party favors, hats, decorations, candles, etc. may be brought in with the birthday snack.With regards to birthday celebrations outside of school, please note children are not allowed to send invitations and/or thank you notes to classmates through student backpacks.


    Mrs. Brunson, the principal, sends out a weekly email with important school updates and information through School Messenger every Monday. Make sure you are receiving these emails beginning in July at the start of our new school year. If you are not receiving these weekly emails, please contact our Data Manager, Karen Prosser (kprosser@wcpss.net). (Tip: It is much easier if you are receiving the weekly message link in text.)


    Parent-teacher conferences will be held twice during the school year, once in the Fall and Spring. Additional conferences may be needed and held at the request of the parents or teachers.

    Friday Folders

    Every Friday your child will bring home their Friday Folder with important paperwork and student work. Please remove all papers from the folder and return the folder to school every Monday.

    Student Information Cards

    We must have the school locator card on file in the office as soon as possible. Please turn this in to your child’s teacher ASAP. This card will provide us with current phone numbers, address, and emergency contact information. Notify the office immediately if any of these items change.