• Grade Recovery Contracts
    (For students who have failed any class during 1st or 3rd Quarter)

    In this unprecedented time, we want to acknowledge the shift that students, teachers, and parents have had to endure with adapting and adjusting to online learning. We also recognize that the learning curve for navigating online instruction successfully can be and look very different for all students. Our goal is for every student to have the opportunity to be successful. As we end the 1st academic quarter, it is important to take a step back to reflect on the skills and strategies that are working, and those which may require additional support.

    Students who were not successful in passing their classes will have the opportunity to complete a Grade Recovery Contract, which will allow the student to reflect on their 1st quarter experience and create a plan to address the barriers they've identified. Through this plan, students will also be able to access resources and support to improve in their academic skills that if implemented successfully, will allow them to improve their first quarter grade during second quarter.

    Students who successfully complete the Grade Recovery Contract will have their 1st quarter grade raised to a 59 by meeting the following requirements:

    - Review this support document outlining strategies to aid in academic and organizational skills. 

    - Complete the Grade Recovery Contract (Student Submissions were due by April 13th, contact your teacher who may still submit one on your behalf if you still need one.) (When entering your email address, be sure that you correctly include @students.wcpss.net)

    - Demonstrate academic and/or behavioral growth by successfully implementing 2 of these strategies in support document during 2nd Quarter. (Student will create a plan with their teacher to show evidence of implementing these strategies)

    - Successfully earn a passing grade (at least 60%) for the 2nd or 4th Quarter grading period and their final exam.

    Students who have failed multiple courses, will need to complete the form for each course separately. If a student does not complete the form, they will not be eligible for the grade change. The Grade Recovery Contract Form will be made available here, once Report Cards are released to parents and families. 

    If you have any questions, please contact your child's administrator or counselor.