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  • Yearbooks

    These are ordered through .  Prices typically increase in October. 

    Information for Senior Ads will be updated here.

    For ?’s regarding Yearbooks for AFHS contact Mr. Stapleton at:


    Class Ring & Senior Product Orders

    Jostens will be on campus September, TBD. They will be processing  orders for WCPSS that are not ordering online. Class Ring delivery day will be TBD. 

    ?’s in the FALL contact Jostens Sales Rep: Jubal Stagner:


    Cap/Gown Order

    PRICES INCREASE mid-December!

    Jostens will be on campus date: TBD The preferred method is ordering your products online. Anyone who plans to walk across the stage at graduation will need to order a cap/gown OR let Ms. Colhoun know that you will be borrowing a cap/gown ( 

    Cap/Gown orders link for WCPSS: TBD

    You have many packages to choose from, but the only one that is required for the graduation ceremony is the basic package.  This includes: AFHS Cap, Gown, Tassel, and white AFHS stole. Basic package prices increase in December.

    If you only need the Tassel then you will need to order the “souvenir tassel” for $12 to receive the tassel that matches the rest of the AFHS graduation package.

    Link to the Tassel Only will be provided here.

    ?’s, Contact Jostens Sales Rep: Jubal Stagner: