• The Find Your Instrument Match 
    Information for Parents:
    We usually do an instrument fitting/trial in early May where students try out each instrument and pick which instrument they would like to play in band class. Since we are online and not in person we would still like to offer a chance to find out what you want to play and I've set up a special site for our newest band students and families. No worries, these do not have to be their forever instruments, just a starting point to get them in the correct beginning class.
    Here's the LINK  to the site. Please scroll down to see: What is band video?, Instrument Demonstration Videos, Parent and Student interviews and most important Find Your Match Instrument game. Lastly don't forget to let us know which instrument you decided to start on!
    We will have an online rental meeting scheduled soon, waiting on info from Music and Arts with details on how to pick up their instruments.