• Required daily health screenings at school

  • Conducting regular screenings for symptoms and ongoing self-monitoring throughout the school day can help reduce exposure to COVID-19. Students and employees who are sick or not feeling well must stay home. Students are required to have a health screening at home, before riding school transportation, and when arriving at school. If a student begins to not feel well while on campus, shows signs of illness, or becomes sick during the day, they must immediately tell an employee. A parent or guardian will be expected to promptly pick them up from school.

  • Home Health Screening Requirement  

    All students should have their temperature taken every day at home before coming to school. Students must stay home if: 

    • They have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not met the criteria for returning to school; 

    • They have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 and have not met the criteria for returning to school; 

    • They have a temperature of 100.4°F or higher;

    • Another student or WCPSS employee living in the same house is experiencing a symptom of illness.

    In addition, students must be free of any symptoms of illness unless the student has a confirmed diagnosis from a healthcare professional attributing the symptoms to something other than COVID-19.  

    School Bus Health Screening Requirement

    A completed health attestation form is required before a student may be assigned a seat on the school bus. After arriving at school, all bus riders will be asked the symptom screening checklist questions and have their temperature taken at school before being allowed to enter the building.

    Download the bus attestation form at www.wcpss.net/busform.

    Health Screening Requirement for Students Using Vendor Transportation

    The health attestation form is not applicable for vendor transportation. A parent/guardian should wear a face covering to accompany the student to the vendor vehicle while maintaining a 6-foot distance from other passengers. The student will need to pass the symptom screening checklist and a temperature check before boarding the vehicle.  The parent/guardian will need to answer the symptom screening questions for the student. If the parent/guardian does not accompany the student to the vehicle, the driver should ask the student the symptom screening checklist questions. The driver should use their best judgment if the child can respond on their own. If the student cannot respond on their own, the driver will perform a temperature check only and notify school staff upon arrival at school.

    Campus Health Screening Requirement

    When arriving at school, all students will be instructed to use designated entrances to undergo a health screening. The health screening process contains two parts: a symptom screening checklist and an on-site temperature check using a touchless thermometer. Individuals dropping off a student at school should not leave until the student has passed the health screening process.

    Students who are feeling unwell or have a temperature of 100.4°F or higher will be escorted to the school’s Care Center.  Employees will contact students’ parents/guardians to immediately pick them up from school.

    Students Who Leave and Return to Campus During the School Day

    If students plan to check out of school for any reason and check back in later in the school day, they should get a health screening pass before leaving the building so they will not have to go through the health screening again when they return to school. 

    Returning to School After Diagnosis, Exposure, or Illness

    To learn when your student can return to school after an illness, exposure, or diagnosis of COVID-19, visit www.wcpss.net/whentoreturn. If you have questions, contact your school.

    Requirements for When Household Members Gets Sick 

    We require that students and staff quarantine if someone in their household  (either a WCPSS student or employee) doesn’t pass a health screening, experiences a symptom of illness or is diagnosed with COVID-19. Learn more about these requirements at: www.wcpss.net/household-members.