Art ClubArt Club, students will have a chance to experience art in new ways and learn to creatively express their thoughts and ideas.  We will be able to work with new methods and materials such as weaving, batik, life drawing, digital art, clay building, and many more.  In Art Club, we will also be looking at famous works of art and learning about the artists who came before us.  If you want to get your hands dirty and learn about visual art, this is the club for you! 
    Fitness ClubFitness club will explore many different options to help you stay physically active and healthy. We will have days when we do traditional fitness activities like push-ups, curl- ups, jump roping, and jogging etc. We will also have days when we play group games and sports to get our physical activity. During fitness club we will  spend time inside and outside learning how to pick activities that you enjoy to keep you active and healthy. 
    Green Pride Environmental Club - Improve your environmental literacy through the Green Pride environmental education program.  We will explore the world of nature through project based learning.   Service learning opportunities will be provided in order to understand how our active participation in the 3 R’s of waste management:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle can impact the environment.  Go Green Pride! 
    Leadership ClubIn Leadership club, students will learn how to be leaders at school and in the community.  Students will develop leadership skills through a variety of activities, such as community service projects, peer mediation and problem solving, and goal-setting.  Students will focus on character traits of great leaders and will learn how to use their own special qualities and talents to positively impact the people and environment around them. 
    Paw Print Performers Come perform with Paw Print Performers! We will explore singing, moving, drumming, recorders and Orff instruments. At the end of the semester it will conclude with a performance for your parents showcasing all that we can do. This group will glue all that you love about music into one performable piece.
    Spanish ClubIn Spanish club students will have a chance to delve deeper into the Spanish culture and language.  Students will explore Spanish speaking countries by participating in cultural projects.  Students will work with novice level Spanish literature.   A number of club days will be Spanish immersion days.  Students will also explore songs, poems, dance, plays, and culinary arts.
    College and Career Ready - Turn your curiosity about careers into a learning opportunity!  Set a path for success and you explore different college opportunities in our community.  Learn from guests representing the various local colleges and from community members currently working in your favorite careers.  Be thinking about the future as you begin to create your road map to success for later in life.
    Robotics - Students will use Dash and Dot, programmable robots, to learn the world of coding and robotics.  They will use problem solving skills, along with creativity, and build meaningful relationships with their peers as they collaborate to turn ideas into adventures for Dash and Dot.
    Photography/Yearbook -  Students selecting photography will take pictures on a variety of devices, learn editing and publishing techniques, as well as layout.  They will display their images around the school, documenting the year and provide photos for the yearbook club that will be held during the 2nd semester.