• Welcome to the Middle Creek Elementary Giving Garden! We're so glad you're here!


    Here are the goals of our garden and the MCES Garden Club:

    • To promote learning through real-world applications of science, reading, writing, math, health, social studies, art and guidance objectives from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study  (Learn by doing!)
    • To encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and physical activity
    • To increase the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed daily by our students both inside and outside school 
    • To increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of agriculture and its importance to our society (Food does not come from a store!)
    • To encourage home gardening through demonstrating a variety of garden types:  in-ground plots, container gardens, hanging gardens, etc.  (Everyone can have a garden!)
    • To teach students to be stewards of the community by donating extra produce to the local food pantry. (Help others!)