Feeding Friends at Kingswood

    Feeding Friends is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that helps children and families who could use a few extra food items over the weekends. Throughout the school year, we will provide students at Kingswood Elementary with bags of nutritious food to take home each weekend, as well as boxes of food and necessity items to take home over the winter and summer breaks. 

    Would you like to join our family? 

     If you would like to support our program, here are several ways to get involved:

        1. Join the FOOD DRIVE HERE.
        2. Give a monetary donation - We’ll gladly accept PayPal (below) or a check. Checks made out to Kingswood PTA and do the food shopping for you. All donations are tax deductible.
            • $10 -> fills one bag of food for a week
            • $40 -> fills one bag of food for a month
            • $340 -> fills one bag of food for a school year
            • $100 -> fills a box of food and hygiene items for winter or summer break
  • 3. Volunteer for food collection or delivery
    4. We are looking for tote bags (food delivery) and wagons (food collection)

    Please contact Laura Goodwin at 919-342-5767 - lbgoodwin@gmail.com with any questions or to be added to the list of volunteers.

    THANK YOU!  

    Children who attend Kingswood are invited to participate in the Feeding Friends Program. On Fridays, children will be given a bag from Feeding Friends to take home.  It contains food items such as canned meat, beans, vegetables, pasta and sauce, snacks, oatmeal, and fruit.  The program lasts the entire school year.   It is free for participating children and their families.

    We respectfully invite parents or guardians to register their children for this program.  If you want your children to participate in this program, please print and fill out the Feeding Friends Application, sign it, and give it to Mrs. McCallen.  This information is confidential and only Mrs. McCallen or Mrs. Goodwin will have your information unless you opt-in for delivery, in which case we will need to share your contact information with our volunteer drivers.  If you have questions, please call the main office @ 919-460-3481