Fall 2017 Douglas TEK Club Offerings

    Tuesdays: October 17-December 5 (6 sessions skipping 10/31 & 11/21)

    4:15-5:30(TEK supervises students prior to clubs starting)

    Questions?  Contact Julie Sullivan




    Cool Concoctions

    Grades K-2

    Taught by Sydney Komyati

    Do you love making slime? Or how about making elephant toothpaste? If so, then this is the club for you! Each week you will become a real scientist by putting science into action with these simple creations. We will start our time together reading a book and then we will create cool concoctions with everyday items found in our grocery store. Exploring different scientific concepts by creating fun and exciting experiments each week is sure to be a blast!


    Hungry For Books

    Grades K-2

    Taught by Amelia Sheaffer

    In this club children will explore books through engaging cooking activities. Literature, writing, math, and science skills will be put to the test as students read recipes, measure ingredients, and help with the cooking. If you have a little chef who is hungry for books this is the club for them!


    STEAMtastic Adventures with Dr. Seuss!

    Grades 1-4

    Taught by Marlie Lasher

    Come celebrate the beloved author Dr. Seuss! We will spend each club session diving into one of his famous books and exploring his unique and puzzling stories. After reading each fascinating tale, you will then have fun creating a project that connects to the book. Some days we will create art, others STEM projects and we might even cook up some kooky concoctions! The possibilities are endless


    Who Did It? A Mystery Club

    Grades 2-5

    Taught by Carol Owen

    Put on your detective hat and grab your magnifying glass as you work with your team to solve mysteries. Each week, you will follow the clues to solve unique and perplexing mystery games. Teamwork and critical thinking skills will be put the test as you try to “crack the code” to each mystery. Are you ready to become a super sleuth?


    STEMtastic Science- Exploring Coding and Robotics

    Grades 2-5

    Taught by Heidi Bledsoe and Dasa York

    We are heading on a STEMtastic mission where we will explore the world of science though hands-on experiences. In this club you will investigate the science behind coding and robotics. You will be exploring robotics by building with the WeDo 2.0 kits, Lego Mindstorm kits and Kinex kits. Then you will be working on different coding game programs on the ipads. Get ready to create, invent and discover in this cool club!


    Master Chef      

    Grades 2-5

    Taught by Ashley Setser     

    Are you a junior chef who loves cooking up creations? Then this is the club for you! Each week we will cook an exciting new recipe as we build our own cookbook.  Club members will even get to “review” the recipes after we taste them of course. Writing, math, and science skills will be practiced as students read recipes, measure ingredients, and help with the cooking.  Come stir up some hands-on fun with us!