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Changes to Track 2/3/4 Testing Dates

The Spring 2017 testing dates have changed slightly for Tracks 2, 3, and 4.  Social Studies Final Exams will now take place on Monday, June 19.  Common Core Math I tests will happen on Tuesday, June 20.  Science testing for all grades will take place on Wednesday, June 21.  Thursday, June 22 will be the day for 6th and 8th Grade Reading tests and 7th Grade Math.  Friday, June 23 will be the 6th and 8th Grade Math tests and 7th Grade Reading tests.
 Monday, June 19   Social Studies Final Exams 
 Tuesday, June 20   Common Core Math I EOC 
 Wednesday, June 21   Science Final Exams and EOG 
 Thursday, June 22   6th/8th Grade Reading EOG
                                 7th Grade Math EOG
Friday, June 23      6th/8th Grade Math EOG
                              7th Grade Reading EOG 
Track 1 testing is not affected,