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Students Represent Hilburn Academy in All-District Honor Band

Recently, several of our middle school students auditioned for the All-District Honor Band, a contest for band members to show their skills to judges and peers. Over 700 students from 14 different counties auditioned Saturday, January 14th. Two Hilburn Academy students, 7th grader, Lucy Grindstaff, and 8th grader, Nikki Varma, made the band. This is only the second time that Hilburn students have ever auditioned for this event and it is pretty incredible that two students were chosen to represent us in the band. In an interview, Nikki, who plays the alto saxophone, says, “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one of the greatest experiences ever.” The 90 students who made the band, including Nikki and Lucy, practiced 5 to 6 hours on 5 songs, then, later, practice an additional 3 hours before performing in a concert. The concert was on January 28th. Lucy, who played the trombone, says, “Anything can be done, if you try hard enough.” They certainly tried hard enough, and they earned a great honor for Hilburn.

Congratulations to Nikki Varma, Lucy Grindstaff, and our band director, Ms. Arevalo-Gallego!

Writer: Brendan Shore
Brendan Shore