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Ms. Browndorf Named Hilburn Academy's Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year, Jennifer Browndorf. She will be representing dedicated and energetic Hilburn teachers in the WCPSS Teacher of the Year process. The following statement accompanied Ms. Browndorf's nomination:
"Jennifer consistently and tirelessly keeps the students as her center of focus. She has worked hard to create rich, authentic experiences for all of her students including: field trips to launch project units, our school learning garden, numerous guest speakers, and a room fully stocked with living and non-living real-world specimens to enhance student learning. The learning garden has already inspired connections across grade levels and curriculum in our school, and nothing has even been planted yet! Several grade levels have already planned to utilize the gardens for PBL units, and Jennifer has eagerly volunteered to partner with them in both design and implementation. She has demonstrated the will and perseverance to create these unique learning experiences for her students, which often entails countless hours spent outside of school hours, planning and preparing. Just one example of this is her dedication throughout the summer to plan and create our outdoor learning space, as well as transfer and care for the wildlife she has inhabiting room. Through this work, Jennifer has also cultivated numerous relationships with our surrounding community members. These relationships will be an asset to our school as a whole as we continue to grow in our PBL/STEM work. With all this on her plate, Jennifer is still able to find time to coach/teach Heart and Soles, our fitness/character ed program for middle school girls. She assists with Science Olympiad, and is completing a PBL fellowship throughout this school year. Jennifer is an exemplary example of a focused and dedicated teacher. She is willing to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible educational opportunities for her students, and consistently seeks opportunities to foster her own personal growth as an educator."