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End of Year Letter for Year 3

March 23, 2017


RE: Year 3 End of the Year Activities


Dear Year 3 Students and Parents:


As the end of this school year approaches, we are preparing for special events and activities.  This is an especially exciting time for our Year 3 students as they anxiously anticipate their summer plans and their subsequent journey to high school.  Please note the following information, and we invite you to keep an eye out for further information regarding these upcoming events.


End of Grade Testing

The state-mandated End-of-Grade (E.O.G.) testing will be held June 2nd – 7th, 2017.  We will administer tests in the areas of reading, math, social studies and science. Please assist us in promoting a smooth and successful testing environment by ensuring your child gets ample rest each night and arrives on time each day for testing. 


Student Services department welcomes your help as a proctor during one or more days of our EOG testing. For more information or to volunteer as a proctor, contact Diane Fish at 919-773-7650 or by email at


End of the Year Activities

Year 3 Dance

Our PTSA is sponsoring a Year 3 Dance on Friday evening, June 2nd at the EGMMS Gym. Students must meet behavior requirements (detailed on the back) and have all school fees and fines paid in full in order to attend the dance. Also, only East Garner Year 3 students may attend.  The dance begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm.  Students will be dropped off in the East Garner Road Parking lot in front of the gym.  Prompt pick up (No later than 9:15) will be in the bus loading area.  More information on the ticket prices and sales, as well as photography available at the dance will be forthcoming. The Wake County Public School System’s Dress Code is still applicable at this event.


Year 3 Awards Ceremony

 The Year 3 Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, June 9th at 9:00 am in the EGMMS Gym.  We invite all parents to attend as awards and recognitions are given to students who have displayed exceptional academics, behavior, and service at EGMMS; not all students will be recognized.  As part of the formal ceremony, students will take part in a processional and are required to dress in business or formal attire. (No flip flops, jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers please.) Students not following dress requirements will not be allowed to take part in the ceremony or the picnic.

Year 3 Picnic  

Following the Awards Ceremony on June 9th, the EGMMS PTSA will also be sponsoring a picnic for Year 3 students. Because the picnic follows the Awards Ceremony, we suggest that students bring a change of clothing (dress code appropriate) that day for the picnic. PTSA is providing class t-shirts for each student and most students wear these proudly on that day!  Students who do not dress appropriately for the awards ceremony will not be allowed to attend the ceremony or the picnic afterwards. While PTSA will provide pizzas, we are asking students to help with all of the other needed items.  Requests are as follows:  Students on the Mustang team (Carnes)- canned drinks; Sharkes team (Mallon)-bottled water; Hawks team  (Swartz)- chips; Wolves team (Garver)- cookies.  Students are to bring these items to their team’s lead teacher indicated in parenthesis.


We are hopeful that all Year 3 students will be able to participate in these special activities after E.O.G.’s. While they are designed and organized specifically for our Year 3 students, these special activities are privileges for them. Students must continue to follow the rules and display appropriate conduct during these last few weeks or they may not be permitted to participate in one or all of the festivities - Dance, Picnic, and/or Awards Assembly


As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, remember that the WCPSS dress code still applies. Refer to the student handbook for a copy of the dress code. Students who come to school in violation of the dress code will be required to change clothes or to contact a parent for a change of clothing.  Repeat violations will result in an office referral. Please also remember that all fines and fees must be cleared before students may attend any end-of-the-year activity.


Discipline referrals assigned on or after March 23rd will lead to ineligilbity for participation in the end of year activities in this order.:

3 referrals- loss of dance

5 referrals-loss of dance and picnic

More than 5 referrals- dance, picnic and awards ceremony


 In addition, students who have had 10 or more infractions throughout the 2016-2017 school year are subject to ineligibility based upon team discretion.   Students must also be in good academic standing according to promotion standards to attend End of Year Activities. This will be based on class grades since EOG scores will not be available. 


We are grateful for your involvement and support throughout this school year, so help us celebrate the close of our Year 3 students’ middle school experience by supporting these events. 

Important Dates

June 1-7                       -           End of Grade Testing

June 2   (6pm-9:00pm)    -           Year 3 Dance

June 9   (9:00 am)          -           Year 3 Awards and picnic



EGMMS Year 3 Teachers

Carla Hoffman, Year 3 Assistant Principal

Clarence Morgan, Year 3 Counselor