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UPDATED Congratulations On Your Win, Ana Ratanaphruks!

 UPDATE from Anna on her latest science fair competitions....

On Friday, I was at the NC School of Science and Mathematics in Durham from 2 pm – 10 pm, attending the annual meeting of the North Carolina Student Academy of Science.  This is the middle school and high school section of the main organization called the North Carolina Academy of Science. Here I competed with other regional winners in the Senior Chemistry category (High School = senior, Middle School = junior). Each participant did a 10 minute presentation of his/her research and answered the judges’ questions afterwards. I am happy to say that I received First Place in the Chemistry category.

On Saturday, I participated in the 2017 North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair held at Meredith College in Raleigh. I was there from about 8 am to 6 pm. In the morning I set up my project poster board for the closed session where the judges reviewed my project. I entered my project in the Chemistry category. From noon to 2 pm, I was interviewed by six judges. Afterwards from 2 – 3:30 pm, projects were open for public viewing. I am very happy to report that I won two awards at this fair. I won the Meredith College Award for Excellence in Science and Engineering which came with a $10K Scholarship towards Meredith College and only one is awarded per year. I also received the Gold Award (highest award) from the United States Army. Both of these are called special awards because all the projects are eligible (There are about 150 projects in the senior divisions.)

These were all very special experiences to me. I did not think I would win any of these because the competition was really intense. Almost all of the projects that won awards were done by seniors who did their projects in University Labs and such. I was very glad to be able to represent our school and would like to thank everyone. Even though this was an independent project that I pursued on my own, I received help and support from everyone here in one way or another.  I’d like to thank you all and am encouraged by your support. I am quite proud to be a part of our school and have such amazing teachers!


The NC Science Fair was held Feb. 11 at Hillside High School in Durham. Ana competed in two competitions: the NC Region 3A Science and Engineering Fair in the High School Chemistry Category and the North Carolina Student Academy of Science in the High School Engineering Category. Her project was called "When Van Gogh Meets Einstein: Sequential Self-folding Origami Using Polystyrene Sheets with Local Light

Absorption." Ana won first place in both competitions!  Also, she received a special award from the ASM Material Science Award for the most outstanding project in material science at the competition. "I am very honored for I was chosen over many other excellent projects, some of which were from Enloe and Jordan done at affiliated universities. I tried to do my best but I certainly did not expect this type of success" said Ana of the win.

She will now be advancing to the state level in both competitions. At the state level, Ana will be competing with students from the NC School of Science and Math on March 25 at Meredith College in Raleigh.  For the NC Student Academy of Science, the competition will be held at NCSSM in Durham where she will also be competing with winners from other regions.

Ana, we are so proud of your accomplishments and you represent our school well!