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French Festival Results are in:

3rd place Vocal Talent- Morayo Balogun
2nd place Cultural Exhibit- Mia Pageau, Leah Stein, Jillian Sullivan, Isabel Moran
1st place Novice Poetry Recitation-Cale Carter
2nd place Novice Original Group Dramatics- Ty Strickland, Dylan Coonse, Joshua Baird
1st place Novice Original Group Dramatics- Arianna Ramirez, Ella Kuhn, Sarah Goss, Sara Lamb, Ava Joyner, Jenna Lee
2nd place Beginning Level Original Group Dramatics- Carmen Stevenson and Lauren Culp
3rd place Theater Performance Beginning Level- Schuyler Coonse and Jack Washburn
**3rd place Intermediate Level Original Group Dramatics - Ava Roark and Grace Mathews 
**1st place Theater Performance, Intermediate Level- Ashley Phillips and Bahar Er
**1st place Intermediate Level Spelling Bee- Caroline Gall
** These students were the only middle school groups in their category (the rest were high school groups)
Though not an official "place," Kayley Daniel did come in 4th place out of 10 students in the Beginning Level Spelling Bee.