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Cinderella at Raleigh Little Theater

Willow Springs is so proud of our very own Baby Bengal, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is enjoying her second year in Raleigh Little Theater’s production of Cinderella.  She plays a kid in the Town Square scene and she is a mouse puppeteer that the Fairy Godmother turns into one of the horses that pulls the carriage taking Cinderella to the Ball.  Opening night was Friday, December 2 and the show runs through Sunday, December 18.  A special thank you to Elizabeth’s friends who have come/will come to the show to support her. 


friends Bella, Abby, Elizabeth, and Avery

Vank Mrs. Vankerckhove's Family
Mrs. McManus  Mrs. McManus and Cate
cast Ponies knitting back stage.
cast2 Elizabeth and some of the Cinderella cast members.