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StreetSafe Registration is Now Open!


StreetSafe Registration is Now Open!

StreetSafe is coming to Holly Springs High!  StreetSafe is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable enterprise offering its Lifesaving Driving Experience to new drivers with only one mission: Saving lives.

Losing control of a car at 25 mph on wet pavement, learning a realistic stopping distance, experiencing firsthand the dangers of distracted driving, understanding the hazards of driving near a tractor trailer, recognizing the consequences of impaired driving and realizing the importance of seatbelt use.

These lessons and more are what young drivers – our most at-risk youth – will experience during StreetSafe's 4½ hour Lifesaving Driving Experience. Taught in a controlled environment under the supervision of experienced law enforcement and fire personnel – the First Responders who know all too well the tragic results of unsafe driving - young drivers receive an eye-opening, hands-on experience. StreetSafe students will also experience what it's like to be a passenger in these dangerous situations, as well as participating in an inter-active discussion led by experts in the field of crash investigation and impaired driving. Our young drivers get to "See it, Hear it, Do it". And while they are learning, they're having fun!

To learn more about this program, and to register click here:

Please contact Mary Wooten, PTSA VP Programs if you have any questions