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Student WakeID Portal

The way you access WCPSS Email, WCPSS Google Apps, and Canvas has changed. You will now access these services through the following address...
Your password for each of these services has been reset to your student ID number. Before you can access these again, you'll need to change your password to something new. You need to use your WakeID (the name part of your WCPSS email address) as your username and your student ID number as your initial password to login to this WakeID Portal. The system will then prompt you to change your password (change it to something you know you'll remember!).
After you do this, you can now go to - enter your login information - and access these digital tools from this one spot. It's the first step in WCPSS creating a single sign-on service, so you don't have to remember lots of different usernames and passwords.
As always, consult with the Media Center if you experience problems.
Note that as of 9am on March 15, 2017, the system is experiencing an overload and isn't loading. District tech staff hope to have the problem resolved soon.