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Senior Events



In order to participate in the following senior events you need to be passing all classes required for you to graduate. (Passing means the average of Q3 & Q4 grade is 60% or higher)


  • Cap & Gown Pick Up
  • Prom
  • Graduation Practice
  • Awards Night
  • Spring Fling


Date of Event/Activity

Date & time seniors need to be passing classes required for graduation in order to participate in the event

April 20th - Cap & Gown Initial pick up

April 19th @ 3pm* once you are passing you will be able to pick up your cap & gown

May 19th - Prom

May 18th @ 3pm

May 25th - Graduation Practice

May 24th @ 3pm

May 25th - Awards Night

May 25th @ 3pm

May 26th - Spring Fling

May 25th @ 3pm