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Principal Peckham's Weekly Message

Thank you to all the families that were able to attend our Open School Visit today!  It was so wonderful to have the building full of students again after Summer Break and I hope your student is feeling excited to start the school year on Monday.

Arrival Procedures and Reminders:

In the morning, students may enter the building starting at 7:00 am. and will head to either the cafeteria or gym. Students riding a bus are encouraged to be at their stops about 10 minutes earlier than the posted route time as drivers are still learning their routes. Please visit the transportation link on the WCPSS internet page for more information on bus routes, stops or start times.

For students using carpool, we also encourage you to plan for a slightly longer morning than normal. There is likely going to be a great deal of traffic for carpool so we ask that you plan to arrive early and exercise patience and good will. We want to ensure students arrive safely and that we get our families in and out efficiently. Please review the carpool procedures via our Martin website or the PTA newsletter than came home. A couple of quick pointers are:

Student pick up and drops offs must take place in the assigned area by using the lower entrance from Horton Street only.

Access to the lot is only permitted using the right lane of Horton St. from Ridge Rd. Do not use the service road entrance from the bus lot and attempt to cut in line. The service road entrance is for Special Transportation Services only and our annual Mustang Carpool Pass winner. At all times, but especially the first few days of school, we are very concerned about student and driver safety and less concerned with students being tardy. Please be patient as we work through establishing morning routines.

Dress Code Reminders:

As you prepare for the first day of school, and in case you are out school clothes shopping this weekend- keep in mind the WCPSS dress code. It is normal for students to grow over the summer and for pants and shorts to now fit shorter. Please make sure that shorts are not excessively short- a good rule is making sure they reach the tip of the student’s index finger when arms are down at their sides. Also, we must be able to see the shorts out from under those long t-shirts. Also, be reminded that there shouldn’t be any hats or headcoverings, or bandanas.

That concludes my message for this Friday. I hope all are as excited as we are to get the school year underway! Enjoy a great last weekend of summer- see you bright and early Monday!


Lacey Peckham, Principal