• Week of October 23rd, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 10/16/2017

    Monday - Complete 3-D Models


    Tuesday - Cell Hierarchy Activity: you will create the circular map on Hierarchy with whatever living plant or animal of your choosing. Create a small poster with your information. Last, complete the Analysis Question on the back of your poster. You will have and tomorrow to complete this assignment for a grade.   


    Wednesday - Complete Cell Hierarchy Activity


    Thursday - Create slides of animal and plant. View under microscopes.


    Friday - Begin Cancer Jigsaw Activity



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  • Week of October 16th, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 10/9/2017


    Present Protist Poems!

    Finish the “Notes: Cell Structure and Function” packet.

    Begin Cell City if time...



    Cell City

    Begin Cell Analogy if time...



    Complete Cell Analogy and hand in for a grade.


    Thursday: Begin 3-D Cell Models


    Friday: 3-D Cell Models


    No New vocab.

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  • Week of October 9th, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 9/29/2017

    Monday - Complete Protist Graphic Organizer

    Take QUIZ on protists - open note


    Tuesday - Connect-Extend-Challenge

    Wednesday - Complete Connect-Extend-Challenge and turn in for a grade.

    Thursday - Begin Plant and Animal Cell Colorings

    Friday - Complete Colorings

    Begin the “Notes: Cell Structure and Function” packet.  This packet will be due on Monday at the end of class. It is a grade. 



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  • Week of October 2, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 9/25/2017

    Monday - Microscope work: Label handout: Study microscopes and finally take a quiz on microscopes

    Tuesday - Protist coloring sheets


    Wednesday - Finish coloring sheets, Watch videos on Protists


    Thursday - Finish videos, view Protists under a microscope


    Friday - Finish viewing Protists and begin a Protis graphic organizer



    Vocab: 16. cell membrane, 17. nucleolus, 18. mitochondria, 19. nucleus, 20. cell wall, 21. chloroplast, 22. cytoplasm, 23. nuclear membrane, golgi bodies (apparatus), 25. endoplasmic reticulum (ER), 26. vacuoles, 27. ribosomes, 28. lysosomes, 29. cytoskeleton, 30. centrioles, 31. chromosomes. 


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  • Week of September 25th, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 9/18/2017

    Monday - panel of Experts for the Weather Unit Exam


    Tuesday - Begin Cells: Living Things Video

    Living Things Activity


    Wednesday - Complete Living Things Activity


    Thursday - Cell Theory Timeline


    Friday - CK12 Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote: venn Diagram in notebook


    Vocab: 1. eukaryote, 2. prokaryote, 3. autotroph, 4. heterotroph, 5. flagella, 6. cilia, 7. pseudopod, 

    8.volvox, 9. amoeba, 10. euglena, 11. paramecium, 12. unicellular, 13. multicellular, 14. cell theory, 15. organism

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    Posted by Amy Soffa at 9/11/2017

    Hello Penguins parents!!


    The students will be working on a debate on whether climate change is caused by humans or is just a part of Earth's natural evolution. I would appreciate it if you sat down and talked with your student about your beliefs and why you believe a particular way. I want the students to pick what side they would like to defend by the end of this week. The students will begin to learn about debating a topic on Thursday and on Friday they will begin their research with their team. They will then come back to the debate project on Wednesday, September 20th and will finally hold their debate on Friday in their Science class. 


    I encourage you to talk with your student through this project. I hope that the students learn how to improve their research techniques as well as how to build a solid opinion based on facts.

    I am really excited about this project!


    Thank you for your support and all that you do to help the Penguins team!!


    Amy Soffa

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  • Weather Unit Exam will be on Tuesday, September 19th.

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 8/15/2017
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  • Week of September 18th, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 8/4/2017

    Monday - Review for Weather Unit Exam

    Tuesday - Weather Unit Exam

    Wednesday - Continue working on the Debate

    Thursday - Continue working on the Debate

    Friday -DEBATE!!!!!!


    No vocab this week...

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  • Week of September 11th, 2017

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 8/4/2017

    Monday - 

    Air quality Webquest


    Tuesday -

    Begin Socratic Seminar project: The students will read 3-6 articles on air quality around the world and then answer a few critical thinking questions. This project teaches the students about the issues revolving around pollution anbd how it can be controlled. 


    Wednesday - 

    Continue working on project


    Thursday -

    Begin Work on Debate


    Friday -

     Continue working on the Debate



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  • Week of August 14th, 2017 (Track 2) and September 4th (Track 3)

    Posted by Amy Soffa at 7/26/2017

    Monday Track 2 - NOTEBOOK CHECK #3 TODAY / Tuesday Track 3

    Winds PPT - Google Classroom

    Winds Packet (with a partner) - Google Classroom


    Tuesday Track 2 / Wedn Track 3

    Make It Rain simulation - Google Classroom

    Weather Forecasting - Google Classroom


    Wednesday  Track 2 / Thurs Track 3

    Jet Stream Interactive - Google Classroom



    Thursday  Track 2  / Friday Track 3


    Quiz on 7.E.1.3 (Weather: fronts, winds,  temperature, air mass, weather maps, etc.) - Open Note...maybe...

    Complete notebooks: glue handouts in and complete any assignments. 


    Friday  Track 2 - Go over quizzes


     Weekly vocab: 34. barometer, 35. jet stream, 36. coriolis effect, 37. Pressure gradient, 38. acid rain, 39. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, 40. particulate matter. - LAST OF VOCAB FOR WEATHER UNIT. 




    Notebook check #3 Weather

    Weather PPT 2 pages of notes – 5 points

    Brainpop handouts (5) – 5 points

    Fronts Activity – 2 points – Write up a sentence describing each of the fronts.

    Pressure scaffolding – 3 points

    Precipitation Scaffolding – 3 points

    Hurricane / Tornado Activity – 6 points


    Vocab (17 words) – 9 points

    1. low pressure system, 18. High pressure system, 19. cold front, 20. Warm front, 21. Thunderstorm, 22. Hurricane, 23. Tornado, 24. cirrus, 25. stratus, 26. cumulonimbus, 27. Thermometer, 28. barometer, 29. cumulus,
    2. wind vane, 31. psychrometer, 32. radar (Doppler), and 33. satellite


    Points: 33 points


    Due on Monday August 14th for Track 2 and Monday September 5th for Track 3


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