2018-19 Enrollment Proposal

two kids Enrollment 17-18 overview
  • UPDATE 10/17: The Wake County Board of Education began discussions about Draft 2 of the 2018-19 Student Enrollment Proposal on Oct. 17.

    Here are some of the main proposed changes outlined in Draft 2:
    • Remove proposal to assign students from Davis Drive Middle, West Cary Middle and Dillard Drive Middle to East Cary Middle.
    • Amend proposed grandfathering rules. Learn more.
    • Change some proposed assignments related to the opening of Buckhorn Creek Elementary. 
    • Changes to the proposed Timber Drive Elementary base attendance area. 
    • A northeastern portion of the Willow Springs Elementary base attendance area is proposed to attend Banks Road Elementary. 
    • The Everwood subdivision is proposed to attend Bryan Road Elementary.
    • Transfer students at Jeffreys Grove Elementary are proposed to remain at the school.

    Use the address look-up tool to see if you are proposed to be affected.


    What is the timeline?  

    The board will discuss the proposal at meetings in October and November. They will also hold a public hearing about the proposal. We will announce the meeting dates here and on the discussion forum.
    The Board of Education will consider final changes before they vote on the final student enrollment plan in late November or early December.

    How can I share feedback?

    You can share your feedback on our online parent forum. There are comment threads related to each of the new schools and other proposed assignment changes. Please provide feedback in the appropriate section.
    WCPSS staff and school board members will be monitoring this feedback and considering ways it might be included in the proposal. Questions will be answered in an FAQ that we will post here and on the feedback site.

    How can I stay informed?

    We will post regular updates on this page. All board work sessions stream live and then are archived on the WCPSS YouTube channel.

    Why are we discussing this?

    The main drivers of this proposal are the opening of four new schools in the 2018-19 school year: 
    • South Garner High School, 8228 Hebron Church Road, Garner (Opening for 9th and 10th graders)
    • Apex Friendship Middle School, 7701 Humie Olive Road, Apex
    • Bryan Road Elementary School, 8317 Bryan Road, Garner
    • Buckhorn Creek Elementary School, 5651 Honeycutt Road, Holly Springs
    We are committed to smart growth and planning strategies that promote healthy schools and address school crowding. We currently have more than 160,000 students, and are projected to add nearly 23,000 additional students by the 2024-25 school year.  
    Watch the video to learn more about how we use smart planning and creativity to manage growth.

    We are opening new schools every year to plan for this growth. New schools are populated with students from existing schools. This is what causes the majority of changes to student assignments. In some cases, a proposed change in assignment is caused by the opening of a new school, but the student is assigned to another existing school in the area. 
    We also are proposing a number of other changes related to balancing student populations, calendar application schools and a state-mandated reduction in K-3 class sizes.
    Our school board and district staff makes these decisions by weighing four factors: Student Achievement, Stability, Proximity and Operational Efficiency.
    Watch the video to learn more about the Four Pillars.


Find Your Proposed 2018-19 Base and Application Schools

Use the updated address look-up tool to see if you are proposed to have a new school assignment for 2018-19. 

Provide Feedback and Ask Questions

Use our online parent forum to share your views about Draft 2 proposals. Click on the comment thread that applies to you to submit feedback.