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High School Information

  • Some high school Open House dates have changed due to the inclement weather days and other factors. Please contact the individual high schools for the most up-to-date information. Ms. Warren will update parents with the "REMIND" application throughout the high school registration process as well.

    Ms. Warren's presentation slides from the high school registration meeting in February are included here for your reference. Please contact Ms. Warren with any questions.

  • Leesville Road High School

    Tours are going on now. Sign up here for their information sessions and tours.

    Open House (for PARENTS only) is scheduled for February 9, 2016. Tour begins at 5:30pm and Information Session at 6:20pm.


Magnet & Early College HS Events & Information

Notifications about HS Registration

Get notifications about 9th grade registration process from Ms. Warren! All current 8th grade families are encouraged to sign up at the following link:
Ms. Warren will send updates and reminders through this service.

HS Application Information Documents

Check Back Often!

Local high schools share information for 8th graders as they consider high school options. The MS Counselor, Jenna Warren, communicates the updates as she receives them.