Attention Volunteers

Millbrook High School is looking for volunteers to mentor and/or tutor students. MHS has a variety of mentor programs that assist students with skills such as academic work, confidence, leadership, life skills, relationships, and preparing for their future. Many of our programs could use volunteers to enhance their missions. Tutors for the core academic subjects are in high demand. If you would like to help, please contact the individual responsible for the programming below.

Volunteers must be approved after a background check completed in the MHS Media Center on Mondays.

In the tabs below, you will find detailed information on support groups serving Millbrook students.

Further questions and inquiries can be directed to Vanessa Barnes, Dean of Students at vbarnes@wcpss.net

Thank you in advance for considering helping one of our young Wildcats!

Millbrook Student Support Programs

  • 21st Century Community Learning Center

    21st Century Community Learning Center

    Attendance, Behavior, Curriculum

    Serving students in grades 9-12, the 21st CCLC program is federally-funded and provides opportunities to serve students after school with the goal of improving academics.  

    Vicky DeGroote, Graduation Coach ~ vdegroote@wcpss.net , 919-850-8821

    Contact Location: Media Center


    Meeting Times: Contact Vicky DeGroote for current meeting times and location.

  • My Brother's Keeper

    My Brother’s Keeper

    Academic, Attendance, Behavior, Goal Setting

    African-American male, 9-12 students who struggle with academic, attendance and/or behavior concerns who need positive, adult role models.

    Faculty and undergrads from St. Augustine’s University lead whole and small group sessions aimed at helping students overcome obstacles related to their success in finishing high school.

    Vanessa Barnesvbarnes@wcpss.net

    Contact Location:
    Student Services

    Meeting Times:
    2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month during 4th block

  • Graduate!


    Click here for
    Information, Academic, Attendance, Life Skills, Mentoring, Leadership Skills

    Hispanic, 9-12, LEP, ESL, at-risk students with low attendance, 2.0 or lower GPA, one or more EOC scores below grade level (l or ll) and who have failed or are currently failing.

    Hispanic, 9-12, high-achieving students who are college-ready but may need assistance with the application process.

    The program’s main objectives are to increase student’s attendance, academic achievement, high school graduation, and increase family involvement in their child’s education.

    Two bilingual success coaches offer academic support during the school day and after school.Individual meetings are offered during school and life-skills are offered after school.High-achieving student mentors also provide support for the at-risk students.

    Juana Hernandez

    Contact Location:
    Media Center

    Meeting Times:
    Tuesdays & Thursdays
    2:30pm – 4:30pm

  • Hispanic Leaders of Tomorrow

    Hispanic Leaders of Tomorrow

    Attendance, Behavior, Leadership Skills, Academic

    All 9-12 grade college-bound students with leadership qualities who would benefit from additional academic and leadership opportunities.

    Members learn leadership skills to help guide their future academic careers. Topics discussed during group sessions include: educational opportunities after high school, how to choose a career and college major, financial aid, scholarships, work-study, the college application process, and personal finance. This is accomplished through a partnership between MHS, Communities In Schools and the NC State chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

    Vicky DeGroote, Graduation Coach ~ vdegroote@wcpss.net , 919-850-8821

    Contact Location: Media Center

    Meeting Times: Contact Vicky DeGroote for current meeting times and location.

  • Theta Phi Psi Fraternity

    Theta Phi Psi Fraternity

    Mentoring, Academic, Attendance, Behavior, Leadership skills, Community involvement

    Male, 10-12 students who are generally on track with course work but may need additional academic, and/or behavior support and would benefit from a supportive, mentor-based program to help them stay on track and achieve their goals. This may be a “Diamond in the Rough” student.

    Jamal Williams and Coach Thymes provide support through community service programs, mentoring, and leadership skill development to encourage young men to become responsible adults.

    Jamal Williams


    Contact Location:

    Room 1401

    Meeting Times:

    Contact Jamal Williams for current meeting times.

  • Millbrook Women of Tomorrow

    Millbrook Women of Tomorrow

    Leadership Skills

    Community Involvement, Life Skills

    Female, 10-12 students who are on track with their grades but would benefit from a supportive environment to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

    Linda Quarles, Shaunte Adams, Carla Allen, and Gwen Bayyan provide support through community service programs and leadership skill development to encourage young women to become responsible community-minded adults. A partnership with the Business Alliance provides guest speakers and enrichment opportunities.

    Linda Quarles tquarles@wcpss.net

    Contact Location:

    Room 1703

    Meeting Times:

    Every Monday during SMART lunch.

  • Uplift Mentoring

    Communities in School

    Uplift Mentoring

    Academic, Attendance, Behavior, Mentoring, Personal Growth

    All 9-12 grade students needing a personal connection with a caring adult for academics, attendance and/or behavior.

    Teachers, parents and community members volunteer to provide extra support for at-risk students by building supportive and trusting relationships.

    Vicky DeGroote, Graduation Coach ~ vdegroote@wcpss.net , 919-850-8821

    Contact Location: Media Center

    Meeting Times: Contact Vicky DeGroote for current meeting times and location.