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Wendell Elementary
Creative Arts & Science  Calendar: Traditional

Information for the: 2014 - 2015 school year.

For information about Magnet Programs and how to apply for them, visit our online Magnet Programs Center.

Principal, Grades & Calendar

Principal - Shane Barham

Grades - k - 5

2014-15 School Schedule - 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Instructional Calendar

Wendell Elementary runs on the Traditional calendar. Currently, the following Traditional calendars are available for download:

2014 - 2015 Traditional Calendar (PDF)

2014-15 Care Programs

Before School:  WCPSS

After School:    WCPSS

Contact the Wendell Elementary directly for full information about its before- and after-school care programs. For general information about before- and after-school care programs across WCPSS, go here.


Phone - (919) 365-2660

Fax - (919) 365-2666

Website -


Address - 3355 Wendell Blvd., Wendell, NC 27591

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Wendell Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School provides a productive and creative atmosphere in which each child is actively involved in learning through the use of the A+ Schools Program, arts, core curriculum, science and technology.

The A+ Schools Program is an integral part of the Creative Arts and Science Magnet Program. It is an approach to teaching and learning grounded in the belief that the arts can play a central role in how children learn. A+ schools combine interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction, giving teachers multiple opportunities each day to recognize the special skills and learning styles of students.

The NC Standard Course of Study at a Creative Arts & Science Magnet School is delivered through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach that integrates the arts into daily classroom instruction. A four member arts team is employed full-time in the areas of music, dance, drama, and visual arts. The A+ approach to learning is based on Howard Gardner's extensive research on multiple intelligences and is also supported by recent brain research.

In addition to the Arts program, Wendell also has a well-equipped science lab with a science specialist who provides instruction based on experimentation and exploration.

Curriculum: Creative Arts & Science

The Creative Arts and Science program is a natural complement to the IB programme with its emphasis on learning and expression through the integrated arts. The arts teachers and science teachers are specialists who work with classroom teachers to help bring the arts into math, science social studies and language arts. This type of teaching results in classrooms where students are excited about school, challenged in areas where they have a need and are able to clearly see the connections between subjects. Students learn that there are many ways to be "smart" in accordance with the renowned learning research of Howard Gardner and the Multiple Intelligences pedagogy. With the addition of a science learning lab and a specialized science teacher, all students are provided expanded hands-on science instruction beyond that taught in the regular classroom.

Bus route information for this school is currently unavailable.

Academic Highlights

The Daily Five Literacy Structure

The Daily Cafe'

Writing Conferences

Math Expressions

Compacted Math for 5th Grade Students

Science Kits

Science Journals

Arts Integration


Extra-Curricular Highlights

Student Council

Safety Patrol

Morning News Crew