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Lynn Road Elementary
Traditional  Calendar: Traditional

Information for the: 2014 - 2015 school year.

Principal, Grades & Calendar

Principal - Kimberly Grant

Grades - k - 5

2014-15 School Schedule - 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Instructional Calendar

Lynn Road Elementary runs on the Traditional calendar. Currently, the following Traditional calendars are available for download:

2014 - 2015 Traditional Calendar (PDF)

2014-15 Care Programs

Before School:  WCPSS

After School:    WCPSS

Contact the Lynn Road Elementary directly for full information about its before- and after-school care programs. For general information about before- and after-school care programs across WCPSS, go here.


Phone - (919) 870-4074

Fax - (919) 870-4094

Website -


Address - 1601 Lynn Road, Raleigh, NC 27612

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Lynn Road Elementary School is located in the Northern Region of Wake County at the corner of Lynn Road and Lead Mine Road. Our school is adjacent to Williams Park.

Lynn Road is a wonderful school. We have a beautiful building, but the real beauty lies in the students, staff and parents who fill the school each day.
We have many wonderful programs at Lynn Road. We have two Pre-K programs. Our More at Four/ Title 1/ Special Education class is a 5 Star Program. The teacher for our Pre-K Autism Class was recognized two years ago as the Autism Teacher of the Year. We are proud of both of these programs that prepare students for Kindergarten and beyond.

We have dynamic teachers in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Teachers are constantly collaborating and planning for ways to assist students. Teachers have weekly planning periods and weekly PLT meetings to discuss student needs and to plan for meeting those needs.

Our librarian works with all classes on projects in the library. Students learn research skills, analyze information, and produce a product. These projects can be technology based as wikis or power points or present themselves as displays, reports, games, or murals. These projects are very interactive.

We have a strong support team at Lynn Road, with Special Education Teachers, Title 1 Reading Teachers, Title 1 Math Teachers, an AG teacher, and an ESL teacher. To enhance parents' ability to work with students, teachers offer workshops for parents. Title 1 Reading teachers hold quarterly PAC meetings to help parents understand how to help students in literacy. The Title 1 Math team is holding sessions on math strands and giving parents manipulatives to use with their students at home. Our ESL teacher arranged to hold an informational session with parents on how the school system works. She is now holding workshops for parents on literacy and math instruction. Our AG teacher holds sessions to explain the qualifications for the Academically Gifted Program. She is available to meet with parents to discuss the AG program. Our school is dedicated to making sure that students have the support they need.

Last year our students made progress with proficiency. In 4th and 5th grade, Lynn Road made high growth in reading and math. 3rd grade does not compute growth since they do not have a pre-test anymore. High growth means that students made 110% of the growth that was expected for them. In science, our student scores rose 17% points! Students are making academic gains, regardless of where they are when they come to Lynn Road!

We have a new program to help with math fluency. It is called Rocket Math. Students practice math facts for 10 minutes a day and are able to chart their progress on our Rocket Math Wall. We are excited about this new program that has created a lot of enthusiasm for math among our students.

In addition to celebrating Rocket Math, we celebrate Character Traits each month. The recipients of character trait awards are displayed on the wall around the library. Students are making great progress as they continue to move their rocket down the wall.

We chart our student progress in the hallways. We want everyone to see how our students are progressing.

Our students have 5 specials each week. They are Art, Music, Physical Education, Literacy, and Computer.

We have a very supportive PTA. They have built an Outdoor Learning Center for our students. They support us through teacher grants, Reading logs and trophies, a book fair, treats for the staff, Caring and Sharing and so many other activities. We are proud of the partnership that we have with our very supportive PTA.

We have approximately 615 students. Our school follows the traditional instructional calendar, and our school mascot is a Lynn Road Lion. At Lynn Road we roar with pride! Come to visit us to see what a fabulous school this is!?

Curriculum: Traditional

Traditional curriculum schools offer students high quality instruction, opportunities for advanced studies, creative exploration and extra-curricular activities in a nurturing educational setting. Some of the highest-performing schools in Wake County are traditional curriculum schools.

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