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East Millbrook Middle
International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme , Global Schools Collaborative Network
 Calendar: Traditional

Information for the: 2014 - 2015 school year.

For information about Magnet Programs and how to apply for them, visit our online Magnet Programs Center.

Principal, Grades & Calendar

Principal - Andrew Livengood

Grades - 6 - 8

2014-15 School Schedule - 7:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Instructional Calendar

East Millbrook Middle runs on the Traditional calendar. Currently, the following Traditional calendars are available for download:

2014 - 2015 Traditional Calendar (PDF)

2014-15 Care Programs

Before School:  Check with school about third party providers

After School:    Check with school about third party providers

Contact the East Millbrook Middle directly for full information about its before- and after-school care programs. For general information about before- and after-school care programs across WCPSS, go here.


Phone - (919) 850-8755

Fax - (919) 850-8770

Website -


Address - 3801 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27616

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Mission Statement: East Millbrook Magnet Middle is an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and an A+ Creative Arts school that encourages students to explore their individuality through a global, realistic and inquiry-based education.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes aim to assist schools in developing the unique talents and abilities of all students by teaching them to connect the experiences of the classroom to their world. The IB Programmes emphasize academic challenges, international understanding, community service and mental and physical well-being. At each level the curriculum framework is appropriate to the needs, abilities, and age of the students. The IB educational philosophy embraces the best methods, strategies, and techniques to enable all student to meet their potential.

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) includes students in grades six through ten. MYP is about developing the potential of students to think and act as members of a global society. The MYP programme incorporates five areas of interaction into all 8 required subjects. These five areas are approaches to learning, community-service, health and social education, environment, and human ingenuity. Included in the course of study for all students are a foreign language, visual and performing arts, and technology, as well as Language Arts, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, and Physical Education. During the fifth year (tenth grade) of the MYP, students complete a personal project, which demonstrates initiative, organization and creativity. As creative thinkers and problem solvers, they will be successful at all future challenges. A holistic, thematic view of knowledge helps students understand how the school curriculum applies to their eveyday lives. A strong emphasis on community service helps inwardly focused young adolescents gain an awareness of needs in the local community and leads them to action.

The A+ Schools Program, sponsored by the Kenan Institute, is an approach to teaching and learning grounded in the belief that the arts can play a central role in how children learn. A+ Schools cover the North Carolina Standard Course of Study through interdisciplinary thematic units, combined with arts integration and hands-on, experiential learning, including arts instructions by arts teachers. A+ Schools also develop strong partnerships with parents, area cultural resources, local colleges and universities, and the media. Realizing that children learn through a variety of learning styles is a powerful educational tool. The A+ model uses Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences to help identify the best ways to impact students:









Curriculum: International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

Through the IB program, students develop an understanding and interest in world events and different cultures that will enrich their lives throughout adulthood. Students experience a connectedness throught the Areas of Interaction: Human Ingenuity; Approaches to Learning; Community and Service; Environments; Health and Social Education. Students benefit from a wider range of course offerings in the arts, world languages, technology, social studies, science and even physical education. Teachers ask "Essential Questions" that guide students in finding more than one right answer. During the fifth year of the MYP (Tenth grade), students complete a personal project that demonstrates initiative, organization and creativity.

IB Middle Schools offer grades 6-8 of the Middle Years Programme. Grades 9-10 are offered at our IB High Schools.

Bus route information for this school is currently unavailable.

Academic Highlights

Unique A/B block schedule which provides longer class periods (85 minutes) for labs and activities

Extensive array of academic electives

All students take a foreign language (Chinese, French, or Spanish)

All students take a class in the arts

All students perform community service

Advanced Language Arts and Math classes

Strong AG program

Extensive after-school tutoring

Extra-Curricular Highlights

African Drum Ensemble

Taiko Drum Ensemble

National Junior Honor Society

Student Council

MSEN Pre-College Program

Complete Athletic Program

Green Club

World Language Club