WCPSS: Board Policy - 6446 R&P Student Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources


  1. Student Internet/E-Mail Access

    All students registered in the Wake County Public School System will automatically be given access to the Internet. Elementary school students may receive individual district issued e-mail accounts for certain teacher directed activities. Middle and high school students may receive a district issued e-mail account at any time.

    Annually, parents may deny their child's individual access to the Internet and/or prohibit them from obtaining a Wake County Public School System e-mail account at any time by submitting a signed and dated Parental Request to Deny Access Form. The form is available upon request from your child's school. It may also be downloaded from the forms section of the district's Internet website. Parent' requests to deny access are effective only for the current school year and do not carry over into the child' next school year.

    The denial of Internet access removes an individual student's unfettered personal access to the Internet. Student's that have had their individual Internet access denied are still able to participate in teacher or administrative led activities that contain Internet content. Students that have their Internet access denied are not protected from viewing Internet content in use by other students. Students that have been denied a Wake County Public School System e-mail account but not Internet access may have access to e-mail accounts from other service providers or Internet locations.

    1. School administrators are responsible for ensuring that each student's parent or guardian is made aware that parents or guardians have the option to deny their child's access to the Internet, e-mail, or both.

      Schools are free to incorporate the content of the Letter to Parents or Guardians or Parental Request to Deny Access into custom school forms, but may not change the content therein.

      Conflicts on the delivery of Internet based curriculum or other similar issues due to the student not having Internet access must be resolved between the parent and the school principal.

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Adopted: June 3, 2008

Revised: July 1, 2010