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R&P 8361: Service Contract Administration

Form (R&P) 8361: Contract Routing Form

WCPSS: Board Policy - 8361 Service Contract Administration

8361 service contract administration

The Board is the sole agency authorized to execute formal contracts between the school system and any firm or person offering to provide services to the school system except as provided below:


Any service contract or any change order made on behalf of the board of education involving expenditures of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or more must receive prior approval from the board. Unless otherwise prohibited by statute or state regulation, the superintendent or his/her designee is authorized to enter into individual contracts or approve individual change orders involving amounts up to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). Any contract or change order, regardless of the amount, in excess of the project budget or the remaining funds in the project budget must be approved by the board. The superintendent shall report all contracts between fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) and one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to the board monthly. All change orders less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) shall be reported to the board monthly. Where required by law, the superintendent shall seek bids.


All contracts and change orders involving construction or repair work must be undertaken in compliance with all applicable North Carolina General Statutes and are subject to the provisions set forth in 8361.1.


The Board of Education may approve the use of form contracts for construction and repair projects. If the Superintendent or his/her designee elects to use a board-approved form construction contract for a construction or repair project requiring Board of Education approval, only the information relevant to the particular contract (vendor, price, duration, etc.) and any changes to the board-approved form construction contract are required to be provided to the Board of Education for approval. If the Board of Education approves the contract, the information and any changes approved by the board of education shall be incorporated into the board-approved form construction contract for execution by the board chairperson.


Contracts shall not be divided to evade the requirements of this policy or any state law.


The Superintendent shall develop regulations and procedures to ensure compliance with this policy and state law.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-518; G.S.115C-522; Ch. 143, Art. 3; and G.S. 143-129 through G.S. 143-133; G.S. 115C-441 section (a)(c1)

Cross Reference: Board Policy 6820,6830 and 8363; Finance Manual

Adopted: February 23, 1987

Revised: August 5, 1998

Revised: March 15, 1999

Revised: December 6, 1999

Revised: September 17, 2002