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R&P 6203: Transfer of School Assignment









A written request for transfer of a student to another school may be submitted by the parent or court-appointed custodian within ten days of receipt of official school assignment on a form provided by the school system available at any school, central office, or school district website. The best interest of the child, the orderly and efficient administration of the public schools, the proper administration of the school requested, and the instruction, health and safety of the students there enrolled will be factors in considering a request for transfer.





Deadlines for Submission and Appeal


Requests for school transfer must be submitted within ten business days of the official notice of school assignment. The official notice of school assignment for current WCPSS students is given in May each year. Appeals of transfer requests denied by the administration must be submitted within ten business days of receipt of the administration's decision.



Prioritizing Choices



A written request for transfer should indicate a priority of school choices. Choice I, Choice II, Choice III schools may be indicated.



Reasons Transfer Requests May Be Approved by the Office of Student Assignment



Specific reasons for the transfer must be stated. A decision to grant a transfer for a student does not mean that a subsequent request for transfer for a sibling of the student will be granted. Each application for transfer applies only to the student specified in the request and all criteria referenced in Board Policy 6203 will be applied to each individual request. The following will be considered in evaluating requests for transfer:




Transfer requests for any reason may be approved if there is a seat available at the requested school.




A parent may request a change in school assignment due to hardship reasons related to child care. Parents may be asked to show evidence that they have no other options available to them.




A parent may request a change in school assignment due to hardship reasons related to the physical or mental health condition of the student. Parents may be asked to show documentation from a treating physician or other health provider.




A transfer may be approved for a child of a school employee to attend the school where his/her parent is employed.




A calendar transfer may be approved for the child of a school employee to a school in the school list for their address that matches the calendar of the employee.




A transfer may be approved if the request is to align the school calendars for siblings or to place siblings in the same grade span at the same school.






In the event of a change of domicile during the school year, the parent(s) may request that the student remain in the current school of enrollment as a transfer student through the terminating grade of the school. In the event that the change in domicile causes a change in the student's transportation status, the parent may request assignment to his/her base school or calendar option school for his/her address.

NOTE: Parents may request a transfer for a reason not listed above (e.g., specialized course of study), however the transfer must be approved by the Board of Education following a review by the Office of Student Assignment and an appeal under Section E.



Reasons Transfer Requests May Be Denied by the Office of Student Assignment



The administration may deny transfers requested for the following reasons:




Applications for transfer filed more than ten (10) business days after the date of the original receipt of assignment except for extraordinary or unusual reasons.




Applications for transfer to schools may be denied if there is no capacity at the school and/or at the grade level for which the transfer request is made.






Applications for transfer that cite disagreement with school staff regarding school decisions involving grades, homework, discipline, retention, or class assignment.

Applications for transfer when a previous transfer to the same school requested has been revoked.




Applications for transfer when there has been a previous falsification of address.




Application for a transfer to a school that has a cap on enrollment.



Right To Appeal If The Administration Denies A Transfer Request



Parents and/or legal custodians who submit a transfer request by the application deadline and are denied by the administration may appeal that decision to a panel appointed by the Board of Education by submitting a written request for appeal within ten business days of receiving notification of the administration's decision to deny the request. The Board of Education is not limited to the reasons listed in Sections C of this policy in deciding whether to approve or deny a transfer request.



No Bus Transportation For Transfer Students



Reassignment to another school, based upon a voluntary request for transfer, shall result in the waiver of the school system's requirement to provide transportation, and the parent(s) will assume responsibility for transporting the child to and from school. However if a transfer is granted to a school in the family's school list for their address, transportation will be provided. See Policy 7105 E for information regarding making application for transportation for ineligible students.



Transfers Are Valid Through The Terminal Grade Of The School



All school assignments resulting from approval of voluntary transfer requests will be valid until the child is promoted from the terminal grade of the school or until the transfer is revoked under provisions described below in 6203 J.



Transfer Students May Not Be Allowed To Participate In High School Athletics Without An Approved Appeal for Athletic Participation



A student who is granted a voluntary transfer away from the base or assigned school shall not participate in athletic activities that come under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) and the State Board of Education for 365 days from the first approved transfer date. The Superintendent or his/her designee may review appeals of this section of Policy 6203 and may grant permission for students to participate in athletic activities. The Superintendent shall require written regulation and procedures to govern appeals of this section of Policy 6203. Students entering ninth grade for the first time are eligible to participate in athletic activities and are not required to file an appeal.



No Subsequent Transfers During A School Year



Once a transfer has been granted, no subsequent transfer within the same year will be permitted, barring extraordinary circumstances.



Reasons For Revoking A Transfer



Students granted transfers must remain in good standing with regards to attendance at the school throughout the year. The student must attend school and class, be on time, and be picked up from school in a timely manner. Failure to remain in good standing or failure to fulfill the specified reasons for originally requesting the transfer may result in revocation of the transfer and the student being assigned to the base school for the family's address.



Administrative Transfer

The Superintendent or designee may administratively assign a student to any school in the system when the Superintendent or designee determines that such action is in the best interest of the student and schools affected, and that such action would not contravene the overall intent of the Board's school assignment policies.



Whenever a student is charged with a criminal offense, either as a juvenile or an adult, the Superintendent or designee, based upon a review of the allegations associated with the arrest or criminal charges and an informal meeting with the student and parent/legal custodian, shall have the authority to effect an immediate involuntary transfer if the Superintendent or designee, based upon a preponderance of the evidence, is of the opinion that peace, health, safety, or welfare of the students or staff of the Wake County Public School System may be disturbed by maintaining the student in his or her current placement. The student's parent/legal custodian may request a Board hearing to review the involuntary transfer. Any request for Board review must be submitted to the Superintendent's office within ten days of the notice of the involuntary transfer.



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