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R&P 6202: School Assignment Plan

WCPSS: Board Policy - 6202 School Assignment Plan

6202 school assignment plan

Each year the Board will review its school assignment plan and make adjustments when needed. Attendance area boundaries shall be shown on maps approved by the board.


Maps depicting school zones shall be open to public inspection.


The Board shall complete its school assignment plan by May 1 of each year, including assignment of exceptional children.

  1. A list of the locations of classes for exceptional children shall be open to public inspection at each school.
  2. Any changes in the board-approved locations of classes for exceptional children after May 1, including additional classes created, shall be approved by the board and shall be added to the list open to public inspection.


Any proposed changes in the adopted school assignment plan which are made after May 1 shall require a notice, a waiver of policy 6202.2, and a public hearing except as provided in 6202.2B.


Notification of assignment of students for the coming school year shall be made and distributed prior to June 1.


As needed to control and stabilize the growth in student membership at overcrowded schools, the board may reassign students to less crowded schools through the use of pre-assignment strategies, including but not necessarily limited to:

  1. The designation of alternate school assignments to serve future residents of housing developments on parcels of land that are vacant and undeveloped at the time of the alternate assignments. Such assignments are effective on the date specified by the board and shall continue until the Board approves a change in the school assignments for the affected parcels of land.

    The implementation of a pre-assignment plan, effective on a date established by the Board, after which all residential subdivisions approved by an authorized jurisdiction will be automatically and without further action of the Board, included in the assignment areas for alternate schools designated by the Board. Such assignments shall continue until the Board approves a change in the school assignments for the affected subdivisions.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-45(c), G.S. 115C-116, G.S. 115C-366(b), and G.S. 115C-368

Adopted: August 9, 1976

Revised: January 17, 1983

Revised: May 16, 1983

Revised: November 18, 1991

Revised: April 21, 1997