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R&P 6011: Entrance to Wake County Public School System

WCPSS: Board Policy - 6011 Entrance to Wake County Public School System

6011 Entrance to wake county public school system

To be entitled to initial entry in the Wake County Public School System, a child must have passed the fifth anniversary of his/her birth on or before October 16 of the year in which the child is presented for enrollment.


The initial point of entry into the public school system shall be at the kindergarten level.


After initial entry into kindergarten, the principal may place a child in first grade, by reason of maturity, without regard to chronological age.


A child shall be eligible for enrollment regardless of whether such child has passed the fifth anniversary of his/her birth before August 31 if:

  1.  Before moving to and becoming a resident of North Carolina, the child has been attending public school during that same school year in another state or country in accordance with the laws and rules of that state or country; or
  2. The child would be eligible to attend public school in another state or country in accordance with the laws and rules of that state or country, and all of the following apply:
    1. The child's parent is a legal resident of North Carolina who is an active member of uniformed services assigned to a permanent duty station in the other state;
    2. The child's parent is the sole custodian of the child;
    3. The child's parent is deployed for duty away from the permanent duty station; and
    4. The child resides with an adult who is domiciled in Wake County as a result of the parent's deployment away from the permanent duty station.

In such cases, grade placement will be determined by the principal.


The parent or guardian enrolling a child who is making initial entry into school shall be required to furnish, before admission is approved, a certified copy of the child's birth certificate. If it is not possible to secure a copy of a birth certificate, schools may accept other competent and verifiable proof of age, including a certified copy of any medical record of the child's birth issued by the treating physician or the hospital in which the child was born or a certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a church, mosque, temple, or other religious institution that maintains birth records of its members.


The adult enrolling every child in school must present to the school official a certificate of immunization indicating that the child has received the immunizations required by G.S. 130A-152, or in the alternative, a certification, completed by appropriate medical personnel indicating that, for medical reasons, the child is exempt from some or all of the immunization requirements.


The parent, or legal custodian of a child entering kindergarten is required to obtain a health assessment for their child. This is required by law and must be conducted no more than 12 months prior to the date of school entry. It must include a medical history and physical examination with screening for vision and hearing and, if appropriate, for anemia and tuberculosis.


The student meets the age requirements outlined below:

  1. Preschool: To enroll in a preschool program, a child must meet the age requirements for the program in which he seeks to enroll.
  2. Kindergarten: To enroll in kindergarten, a student must meet the age requirements set forth above in this policy.
  3. Older Students: Students older than 21 years of age or who have already completed the requirements for graduation from high school are no longer eligible to enroll.


The parent, or legal custodian must present a child for initial enrollment into kindergarten within the first 120 days of the school year.


Additional documentation for initial enrollment may be requested.

Legal Reference: G.S.115C-364, G.S. 115C-288(a), G.S. 115C-378, G.S. 81(f)(2), G.S. 130A-152, G.S. 130A-155, G.S. 130A-156, and G.S. 130A-157

Cross reference: Policy 6201

Adopted: December 15, 1986

Revised: February 18, 1991

Revised: January 19, 1993

Revised: December 18, 2007

Revised: March 4, 2014