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WCPSS: Board Policy - 4430 Reduction in Force: Non-Certified Employees

4430 reduction in force: non-certified employees

The purpose of this policy is to establish an orderly procedure for reduction in the employment of full-time non-certified employees of the Wake County Public School System.

4430.1 Grounds for Reduction in Force

A reduction in force is any demotion or termination of three (3) or more employees in a group or class of employees 1[1] during the school year for any of the following reasons:

  1. District Reorganization - defined as declining enrollment, financial exigency, or any other cause that warrants closing, consolidation, elimination, curtailment, or reorganization of schools, facilities, programs, or curriculum offerings.
  2. Decreased Enrollment - shall exist when the enrollment or projected enrollment for the next succeeding school year causes a decrease in the positions allocated by the state or any other funding source; or when the enrollment or projected enrollment for the next succeeding school year of a curriculum offering or program is inadequate to justify continuation of the course program.
  3. Decreased Funding - shall mean any decline in the board of education's financial resources that is brought about by the decline in enrollment or by other actions or events that change the school system's current operational budget; or any decrease or elimination in funding for a particular program; or any insufficiency in funding that would render the board unable to continue existing programs at current levels.

4430.2 Preliminary Determination

When the superintendent believes that grounds exist for a reduction in force and a reduction in force is appropriate, the superintendent shall present a written recommendation to the board of education. The recommendation shall include:

  1. The grounds for reduction in force;
  2. The number or estimated number of non-certified positions to be reduced; and
  3. The background information, data, and rationale for the recommendation.

Notice of the superintendent's recommendation of a reduction in force shall be given to the employees that may be affected by posting such notice at the appropriate workplace and the central office at least one week before the board meeting at which the recommendation will be considered.

The board of education shall review the superintendent's recommendation and shall determine whether to authorize a reduction in non-certified positions.

If the board authorizes a reduction in force, the superintendent shall recommend to the board which employees are to be dismissed or demoted, based on the criteria set forth below.

4430.4 Criteria

The Superintendent will make recommendations based on the needs and best interests of the school system. In making this recommendation, the superintendent shall have discretion to determine where and how reductions will be made to ensure an orderly and manageable reduction in force (e.g., by limiting the affected group of employees to those employees who work in the school, facility, program, or department subject to the reduction in positions).

The superintendent will consider the factors below in recommending the employees to be included in a reduction in force to the board:

  1. Job performance as indicated on formal evaluations and other documentations;
  2. Seniority in the same or related positions within the district as a whole;
  3. Continuity and stability of existing operations and programs;
  4. Service in the area where there is a limited pool of qualified or available personnel.
  5. Degrees, licenses or other indications of an employee' potential to contribute and progress in the school district; and

4430.5 Board's Decision

After considering the superintendent' recommendation, the board shall enter a decision in its minutes specifying which non-certified employees, if any, will be terminated or demoted.

4430.6 Two Weeks Notice

All employees affected by the reduction will be notified in writing of the board's decision within two weeks. Such notice will include information regarding the opportunity for any employee terminated pursuant to this policy to submit his or her name for other positions as they become open. Such submission does not offer any guarantee of employment; however, a positive work experience with the school district will be favorably reviewed in regard to any application for employment.

[1][1]For a reduction in force that involves fewer than three (3) employees, Board Policy 4420 shall be followed.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-36 and G.S. 115C-47

Adopted: March 21, 1994

Revised: May 21, 2002

Revised: February 21, 2006