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R&P 2420: Free Materials Distribution





Review of materials to be distributed by students is governed by Policy 6810.  This policy applies only to distribution of materials by non-students.


Except as provided in this policy, non-students shall not be permitted to distribute publications on school grounds during the school day or at school activities if the materials are unrelated to instruction or a school-sponsored activity.  Materials directly related to the subject of a school-sponsored activity may be distributed at the time of the event.


The Superintendent may develop rules and procedures that allow the limited distribution to students of materials that address activities or events primarily for school-age students or which directly and substantially support the school program.  These procedures shall ensure that class interruptions and administrative burdens are kept to a minimum.


Commercial advertisements or other promotional materials shall not be distributed on campus by any person unless they relate to properly approved school or school system promotions or are contained in school-sponsored publications or productions.


At schools used as polling places, on election days candidates may place posters on school property and campaign workers may offer prospective voters printed campaign material in accordance with the restrictions imposed on those activities by law and the respective boards of elections.


Nothing in this policy shall be construed to create an open forum that would allow non-students access to school property for the purpose of distributing materials.







Legal Reference: Lamb' Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free School District, 124 L.Ed. 2d 352 (1993); Cornelius v. NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund, 473 U.S. 788 (1985); Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maryland, Inc. v. Montgomery County Public Sch, 373 F. 3d 589 (4th Cir. 2004)

Adopted: November 8, 1976

Revised: March 21, 1994

Revised: January 3, 2006