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WCPSS: Board Policy - 2100 Employment of the Superintendent

2100 employment of the superintendent

The Superintendent shall function as the Chief Administrative Officer of the school system and as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Education. The Board recognizes the distinct and separate areas of responsibility of the Board and Superintendent to the school system. The Superintendent is responsible for administration of the system of schools consistent with the Board's policies. (Cross Reference WCPSS Board Policy 1040 - Board/Superintendent Relations)

To maintain a cohesive relationship between the Board and the school system, the Superintendent shall serve as secretary of the Board and assist all Board committees. The Superintendent shall keep the Board informed of the operation of the system. The Superintendent shall make recommendations to the Board as required by law and Board policy and otherwise determined appropriate by the Superintendent. The Superintendent also shall assist the Board in making sound decisions and meeting the requirements of law by providing information and advice regarding all matters that require Board action.

  1. Qualifications of the Superintendent
    1. Become a resident of Wake County upon beginning employment.
    2. Have good moral character.
    3. Hold, or be qualified to hold, the North Carolina Superintendent' Certificate or meet alternative qualifications as permitted by State Board of Education regulations.
    4. Provide evidence of good health.
    5. Be elected by the majority of the Board.
    6. Have entered into a written contract with the Wake County Board of education, a copy of which contract shall have been filed with the Department of Public Instruction.
    7. Take an Oath of Office as provided by law.
  2. Recruitment of the Superintendent
    1. When a vacancy in the position of Superintendent occurs, the Board shall give just consideration to the qualifications of any applicant from within the school system who registers interest.
    2. The Board shall then establish a plan to conduct a search for qualified applicants.
  3. Election of the Superintendent
    1. The Board shall elect a Superintendent for a term of one to four years subject to the provisions of G.S. 115C-271-275.
    2. The Board, upon selection of a candidate or upon reappointment of the incumbent Superintendent, will enter into an explicit contractual agreement with the Superintendent that meets, at a minimum, the requirements of state law.
    3. The final qualification of the Superintendent shall be considered satisfied when the Oath or Affirmation of Office has been administered.
  4. Compensation and Benefits of the Superintendent
    1. The Superintendent shall receive such compensation and other benefits as agreed upon with the Board.
    2. The Board shall review annually the Superintendent' compensation and benefits upon the event of its annual evaluation of the Superintendent's performance.
    3. The Superintendent shall be reimbursed for those expenses as established by the Board at the time of employment and subsequent annual reviews.
  5. Evaluation of the Superintendent
    1. At a special called meeting of the Board of Education, Board members shall conduct an annual evaluation of the Superintendent to be completed no later than August 31 of each year, or as stipulated in the Superintendent's contract.
    2. The Superintendent shall be given full rights to raise questions and make appropriate explanations.
    3. The Superintendent shall be evaluated in accordance with standards established by General Statute and the State Department of Public Instruction.
  6. Separation of the Superintendent

    In the event that the Superintendent is or should be terminated, the Board shall take such appropriate and necessary action as would insure the continuous, smooth operation of the school system.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-271; G.S. 115C-276(a-k), (m); G.S. 115C-274(b); G.S. 115C-301(a-e); G.S. 115C-47(j); G.S. 115C-284(f); G.S. 115C-303(a); and G.S. 115C-285(c)

Cross Reference: WCPSS Board Policy 1040 – Board/Superintendent Relations

WCPSS Board Policy 2110 – Job Description of the Superintendent

Adopted: October 11, 1976

Revised: September 15, 2009

Revised: July 20, 2010