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Form (R&P) 1800: Board Advisory Council Reporting Form

WCPSS: Board Policy - 1800 Board Policy Councils

1800 Board Advisory Councils

Board Advisory Councils shall be established to advise the Board of Education and to present the nine Board of Education member voting districts. Councils should be set up by Board Member districts. The schools located within the geographic district shall comprise each of the nine councils. Each Board member shall represent the Board Advisory Council of their district. The Board Chair shall assign each school to a Board Advisory Council.

  1. Responsibilities
    1. Research/review/offer recommendations on the critical issues prioritized by the Board of Education;
    2. Review school system policies and procedures assigned by the Board of Education to improve understanding and to facilitate uniform interpretation by the community.  Examples may include budgets, programs, activities, and facilities;
    3. Provide a forum for receiving input/advice to the Board of Education on issues affecting school policies and procedures;
    4. Offer feedback solicited by the Board on longer-term issues;
    5. Express itself appropriately on educational matters based upon active participation in activities.
  2. Annual Report
    1. The Chair of each Board Advisory Council shall submit an annual report to the Wake County Board of Education by May 30th of each school year.
    2. The Board will provide an opportunity for those districts that so choose to make an oral presentation.
    3. The report should include input on district needs or concerns, as well as any recommendations for the Board of Education's consideration regarding issues discussed during the respective school year.
    4. The report may include recommendations to the Board regarding specific district concerns.
    5. The report shall be submitted on the Board Advisory Council Reporting Form BP2.  (See R & P Board Advisory Council Reporting Form)
  3. Membership
    1. During terms of membership, Board Advisory Council Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Wake County Board of Education.
    2. To be eligible to serve, the member must reside within the voting district or have children in a school within the district of appointment.
    3. Councils shall be composed of one member per school and three members-at-large, with the terms beginning at the start of the school year.
    4. Appointments shall be made for terms of up to three years; however, all positions require reinstatement following Oath of Office for newly appointed or elected Board members.
    5. An individual may not serve on more than one Board Advisory Council during their appointed term.
    6. Within a reasonable length of time following the Oath of Office for newly appointed or elected Board members or after redistricting, Board members will have responsibility for reviewing Council membership and reinstating individual membership, subject to the approval of the Board of Education.
    7. A parent representative who is unable to attend a meeting has the responsibility of ensuring that another parent representative be present at the meeting. The substituting parent should be in an existing leadership position at the school.
    8. Candidates for a term on a Board Advisory Council as a school representative shall be nominated by the representative, in consideration with the Principal. The nomination must be approved by the Board of Education.
    9. Candidates for at-large will be nominated by the Board member representative with council approval.  Nomination forms, signed by the Board member and nominee, shall be submitted for Board approval.
  4. Meetings
    1. Each council shall hold regular meetings at least four times during the school fiscal year.
    2. The first meeting should be held before October 15th.
    3. The Council shall adopt a schedule of meetings for the year at its first meeting for each fiscal year and make this schedule available to Council members and the Superintendent's Office for posting.
    4. The last meeting should be held by May 15th.
    5. The location of the meetings should rotate among the schools in the area served.
    6. Each Council shall be required to comply with all requirements of the State Open Meetings Law, G.S. 143, Article 33C.
    7. Two Chair meetings shall be held during the school fiscal year.
  5. Attendance
    1.  Attendance at all Board Advisory Council meetings is essential to being an effective council member.
    2. Two absences from regular meetings during any school fiscal year, without substitute representation, shall result in replacement from the Board Advisory Council by the Board member of that district.
    3. Attendance at Board Advisory Council meetings is expected from at least one Board Member, one Principal from each school, one representative from each school, one Area Superintendent, and the at-large members of each Council.
  6. Committee Leadership
    1. At their last regular meeting of the year, each Council shall elect a Chair or Co-Chairs for the upcoming year from among the lay members on the Board Advisory Council.  Voting will include lay committee members within the Council only.
    2. A member may not serve as Chair for more than two consecutive years unless agreed upon by a 2/3 vote by the lay committee members of the Council present.
    3. The Chair of each council shall select a Secretary and shall send copies of the written minutes of the meeting, including the meeting attendance report to the staff person responsible for Board Advisory Councils.
  7. Prohibited Action
    1. The Board Advisory Council shall not involve itself in activities that may reflect adversely on the Wake County Public School System.
    2. The Board Advisory Council shall not involve itself in personnel matters or individual student problems except where the Board, the administration, or the Principal seeks advice and counsel.
    3. The Board Advisory Council shall not assume legal authority for direct action or decision making within a school.
    4. The Board Advisory Council shall not involve itself officially in political campaigns.

Form: BP-2: Board Advisory Council Reporting Form

Legal Reference:  G.S. 115C-54 and G.S. 115C-55

Adopted:  October 19, 1981

Revised:  September 20, 1982

Revised:  May 16, 1983

Revised:  April 21, 1986

Revised:  June 21, 1993

Revised:  November 15, 1993

Revised:  December 19, 1994

Revised:  November 20, 1995

Revised:  June 11, 2001

Revised:  August 19, 2003

Revised:  April 18, 2006

Revised:  August 4, 2009

Revised:  March 2, 2010

Revised:  May 4, 2010

Revised:  June 7, 2011

Revised:  November 22, 2011