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Bus Routes

Please note that 2014-15 bus route information will be available for year-round schools in June, modified calendar school in July, and traditional calendar schools in August.


Adams Elementary

Alston Ridge Elementary

Apex Elementary

Aversboro Elementary

Baileywick Elementary

Ballentine Elementary School

Banks Road Elementary

Barwell Road Elementary

Baucom Elementary

Brassfield Elementary

Brentwood Elementary

Briarcliff Elementary

Brier Creek Elementary

Brooks Elementary

Bugg Elementary

Carpenter Elementary

Carver Elementary

Cary Elementary

Cedar Fork Elementary

Combs Elementary

Conn Elementary

Creech Road Elementary

Davis Drive Elementary

Dillard Drive Elementary

Douglas Elementary

Durant Road Elementary

East Garner Elementary

Farmington Woods Elementary

Forest Pines Drive Elementary

Forestville Road Elementary

Fox Road Elementary

Fuller Elementary

Fuquay-Varina Elementary

Green Elementary

Green Hope Elementary

Harris Creek Elementary

Herbert Akins Road Elementary

Heritage Elementary

Highcroft Drive Elementary

Hilburn Drive Academy

Hodge Road Elementary

Holly Grove Elementary

Holly Ridge Elementary

Holly Springs Elementary

Hunter Elementary

Jeffreys Grove Elementary

Jones Dairy Elementary

Joyner Elementary

Kingswood Elementary

Knightdale Elementary

Lacy Elementary

Lake Myra Elementary

Laurel Park Elementary

Lead Mine Elementary

Leesville Road Elementary

Lincoln Heights Elementary

Lockhart Elementary

Lynn Road Elementary

Middle Creek Elementary

Millbrook Elementary

Mills Park Elementary

Morrisville Elementary

North Forest Pines Elementary

North Ridge Elementary

Northwoods Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary

Olds Elementary

Olive Chapel Elementary

Partnership Elementary

Penny Road Elementary

Pleasant Union Elementary

Poe Elementary

Powell Elementary

Rand Road Elementary

Reedy Creek Elementary

Richland Creek Elementary @ Dubois Center

River Bend Elementary

Rolesville Elementary

Root Elementary

Salem Elementary

Sanford Creek Elementary

Smith Elementary

Stough Elementary

Swift Creek Elementary

Sycamore Creek Elementary

Timber Drive Elementary

Turner Creek Elementary

Underwood Elementary

Vance Elementary

Vandora Springs Elementary

Wake Forest Elementary

Wakefield Elementary

Wakelon Elementary

Walnut Creek Elementary

Washington Elementary

Weatherstone Elementary

Wendell Elementary

West Lake Elementary

Wilburn Elementary

Wildwood Forest Elementary

Wiley Elementary

Willow Springs Elementary

Yates Mill Elementary

York Elementary

Zebulon Elementary