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Student Due Process

The Office of Student Due Process:

ph: 919-431-7303
fax : 919-431-7319

  • serves as a resource on matters relating to discipline and student due process rights;
  • receives suspension notices from schools, inputs data, develops and distributes reports, and responds to requests for suspension data;
  • oversees due process procedures (as spelled out in Board Policy 6500 and its associated regulations and procedures) for long-term suspension of students and appeal process;
  • researches and provides information to the Disciplinary Review Committee regarding incoming students whose enrollment has been denied; and
  • monitors student participation in the Alternative Counseling Education (ACE) program.

Appeal procedures

The identity of students other than the student appealing the suspension shall be protected to the extent required by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

There are two levels to the appeals process for long-term suspensions or expulsions: A Superintendent level hearing and if requested, followed by a School Board hearing. Both are held at Central Services, Crossroads I, 5625 Dillard Drive, Cary.

Releasing disciplinary records to employers or post-secondary education

Many schools, colleges, universities and businesses request information from applicants regarding their prior suspension history. If the application requests your suspension history you must complete and submit this Authorization for Release of Disciplinary Record form. You must also:

  1. inform the school/colleges/universities or businesses that requests for verification must be submitted to the Office of Student Due Process, not your high school and
  2. provide them with the Student Due Process fax number and address.