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Report a Grievance or Issue

Grievance process

Our students have the best chance of success when schools and parents work together as a supportive team. We recognized that you are your child's strongest advocate. When there's a problem at school, we will work with you -- and if you're not satisfied with the outcome, you have options.

Where to turn

If you have a concern about a staff member or decision impacting your child, start with the supervisor closest to the situation. For example, if you have a concern about a teacher that you haven't been able to solve through a parent-teacher conference, talk to your principal. If the principal does not respond to your satisfaction, you may contact the area superintendent for your school.

Disciplinary actions

If the problem is related to student discipline, such as a suspension, you can find out more about you and your child's rights and the appeals process through Student Due Process.

Administrative decisions

If your concern is with a Central Services action rather than a school's, contact the appropriate department either through the Ask WCPSS page or by calling our Customer Service Center at (919) 431-7400. If you're not satisfied with that department's response, notify them in writing and they will share your options for appeal.