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Inclement Weather

In case of snow or other potentially hazardous weather or emergency situations, we may close or delay school. We make the decision after consulting the National Weather Service, local weather forecasters, and area law enforcement. Additionally, our staff drives the bus routes to check firsthand on local conditions.

Schools will be open on their regular schedule unless otherwise announced. As soon as the decision is made, we will:

  • notify local radio and television stations
  • update our website's front page
  • send you an email through our notification service.
  • notify our schools, which will typically update their own websites and main phone lines

If the weather is bad enough to make a decision the day or night before, we will do so in time for the 11 p.m. newscasts. Otherwise, a decision will be made at 4:45 a.m.

Please don't call radio and TV stations. They need their telephone lines left open to receive information from schools and businesses about schedule changes.

View the 2014 Make-up days for school closures that have already occurred.
Your instructional calendar has a full list of make-up days, which will be used in the order they appear.

In case of a closing or delay

  • Before-school programs will start on a delayed schedule. After-school programs will operate from an early dismissal to the regular closing time. Neither program will operate if school is closed.
  • Breakfast may be served at the principal's discretion if school is delayed one hour or more.
  • Community Schools evening programs operate on a different schedule. Any change will be announced separately.
  • WCPSS employees are expected to use their best judgment in deciding whether to come to work. They may take an annual leave day, take a non-paid day, or make up the day at a time agreeable with their supervisor.
  • Athletic and extracurricular events will be canceled if school is closed or dismissed early.